October 31, 2014

Need for Speed

You know all those Android phones out there running on the same 528Mhz processor? Well, they’re about to get some help.

DroidDog and Engadget are reporting that Myriad Group AG, a new member of the Open Handset Alliance, has introduced a brand new high performance virtual machine yesterday, named Dalvik Turbo that would replace the standard Dalvik engine that Android currently uses to run applications. From Myriad‘s website:

Dalvik Turbo increases application execution speed by up to three times ‐ allowing OEMs and operators to bring smoother delivery and more complex applications to Android phones, while also providing substantial battery life improvements when running resource intensive tasks. It also enables developers to take full advantage of Android, allowing them to create games boasting advanced graphics and complex models while retaining full compatibility with existing software.

I don’t know about you, but my HTC Hero on Sprint could really use this boost, not to mention those of you with G1’s. I’m excited to see what this could mean for getting even more life out of your Android phone as newer versions are released. It would be great if this were included in any 2.1 updates rolling out this year, but it’s not likely. At least not for the 2.1 update for Droid is rumored to be coming this week. ‘Substantial battery life improvements’ should really get you going too as that’s by far one of the biggest complaints of modern smartphones.

We’re sure to hear more about this soon, especially with the Mobile World Congress coming up in Barcelona from February 15th-18th.