CTIA First Impressions: HTC EVO

HTC Evo next to the Cliq XT

I had a chance to sit down yesterday and spend a few minutes playing with the latest handset from HTC.  Previously touted as the Supersonic, the phone had rather lofty expectations to live up to.  Would it deliver? Like you need to ask.

Right off the bat, my first impression was that the phone had a substantial weight to it.  Although not too heavy, it feels like you have a quality phone in your hand.  I was told that the form factor we played with is not final nor was the OS build. I can’t imagine it changing too much as we looked as some accessories that appeared like finished designs as well.  The dock you see in the pictures will have HDMI output.

We watched a few movie trailers play in HD on both the EVO as well as on an 85-inch television via HDMI connection.  Stunning.  At 4.3-inches, I could easily see myself catching up on some television shows or movies.

We couldn’t test out the camera due to the lighting conditions but did sneak a peek at some pictures that were already on the phone.  At 8 megapixels, this handset features the best Android camera on the market (next to the Xperia X10).

Pairing up 4G with a front-facing camera just opens up the door to all kinds of possibilities.  I can’t wait to see what developers can do with this technology and how it advances Android.

Dock with HDMI output

The EVO works as a 4G hotspot for up to 8 handsets which just baffles the mind.  It’s hard to fathom replacing my home internet connection but that’s exactly what might happen.

  • cjldad

    That horizontal case looks like it has velcro as the closure.. Boo, hiss!!!

    • Nah, definitely looks like a magnet.

      • cjldad

        Looks just like the Touch Pro case but bigger which was velcro.. I do hope I'm wrong, who likes getting their phone out of their case and hearing velcro rip throughout the room???

        • mark

          Hope you're wrong too. Actually, I didn't know people actually use those cases…

          I was at CTIA too. The Evo was the center of most conversations. It's completely amazing how much noise Android-based phones are making. iPhone what?

  • Fuzzy

    EVO 4G is too big for my taste. I don’t want to walk around with a big iPad like device which does not even fit comfortably in my shirt pocket or even the pants pocket. I also do not wish to hold up a big pad like device to my ear while making a call. I think the Nexus One is just the perfect size smartphone for me.

    I don’t want a thing with a big screen hanging from my belt, coz that’s where this will most easily fit (outside of the pocket). I would look like the UPS or FedEx guys with the huge scanner hanging on their back pockets 😉

    • Chepper

      Dude! stop whining. Don't hate because of your insecurities. Have you even held this awesome phone in your hands to make such stupid comments. It won't fit in my pocket and people will think I work for ups or fedex. If you wear skinny pants then that's your problem.

      • Fuzzy

        Hey! My insecurities? How do you know this phone is awesome if you haven't held it in your hands either? As for my pants, chicks dig skinny pants. Some guys do too. You jealous? ;)[polldaddy 2954042 http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/2954042/ polldaddy]

        • anonymous

          dude, look at the actual survey results. did not exactly back your argument. chicks are only trailed by phones & smartphones. loosen up the girdle. are you dressing for your dog?

    • Carter

      LOL.who puts their cell phones in their shirt pockets nowadays?

      • OhSNAP

        Theres a comparison with the iphone, evo and N1 with size and honestly the evo is not that much bigger than the iphone…maybe a couple mm.

  • micah

    The HTC folks said we didn't need to carry a video camera any more because this would replace it. Sorry HTC folks, but low light performance was one of my key decision making factors in deciding which HD camcorder to get, so in comparison to a video camera, it sounds like this one is already off the list. I don't think we are going to see phones replacing video cameras for another couple years at least. Good optics are still too expensive, and those tiny CCDs just cant capture enough light yet to make them video camera replacements. I would prefer they just be honest about the capabilities. I just hope the video quality will be a step up from any other phone video; I could be very happy with that.

    • Bryan

      I have a very nice video camera, but the fact is that when I got my iphone 3GS it was much easier to whip out and capture moments I would normally have missed by not having a camera. Your phone is whit you all the time a video camera is not. I can easily see using a nice phone video camera way more than a traditional one.

      BTW Im dumping my Iphone for this bad boy. Im not a fanboy I just want the best. Its currently on ebay if anyone is interested = )

  • Guest

    this is the best phone of 2010…hands down

    as for the rest of the haters, here's a tissue for ur tears.

    HTC/Android for the win!!!

    • Dude, The year isn't even close to done, I can't wait to see comes next… maybe Google will push out Mind-to-Text.

      • cjldad

        No, M2T will come out in 2011.. Already been announced… 🙂

  • Guest

    It would be the perfect phone IF it had a keyboard. I'll hold out for the keyboard version because I type a lot and the virtual keyboard just doesn't work well.

  • thank you for sharing. nice post. i like it :p

  • Anonymous

    I got the chance to see the HTC EVO 3D in action at CTIA and to be totally honest, I thought it was cool. Is it gimmicky? Could but not gonna lie – I was reallly impressed with it. The way I see it, it’s an already amazing phone that can happen to do 3D. Win? YES.

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