October 23, 2014

Google TV

A major announcement at the Google I/O last week was Google TV.  So what is Google TV?  The simple answer is it brings the power of the web to your television. It will bring all the videos on the internet from the small computer monitor to the large display of your television and home entertainment system. Google TV is part TV and part computer. The computer part is running on Android. One of the main features of this is you can search for something on the device and it returns the shows that are playing on your TV along with related videos on the internet.

Since Google TV runs on Android it can do the same things your smart phone can do. You can browse the web, play games and run Android Apps! The Android Market will be available in 2011. On initial launch some apps like Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand are expected to be preloaded.

One interesting feature mentioned at the Google I/O is smart phone connectivity. You can interact with your TV using your phone to play games, push videos, as a remote and more. Other interesting features and applications include real time language translation and personalized video feeds.

Google themselves admit that they are not the first to try something like this. They say what makes them different is they are not ‘dumbing down’ the internet for TV, instead they are bringing the power of the entire web to TV and making it a single seamless experience. Also, this is an open platform and they look forward to seeing great apps from the developer community.

The devices will be available either as an integrated TV or a seperate companion box that you can attach to your existing TV. Sony and Logitech are some of the companies partenering with Google. These new devices will be available at Best Buy in Fall 2010.