LG Launches Optimus Series of Android Devices

Yesterday LG unveiled the Optimus line of Android devices which they claim will highlight the company’s ability to produce devices that “tame consumers’ information-dominated lives.” The Optimus line will feature ten new Android devices, one of which will be a tablet. It was previously mentioned that LG hopes to release a total of twenty Android phones in 2010.  This would certainly go a long way to making sure that happens.The Optimus One, which looks oddly similar to the Motorola Cliq XT, will feature a 720MHz OMAP3630 processor, a 3.8″ screen and an HD-capable camera. LG did not mention whether the Optimus One would be the headliner of the Optimus series.

From the images provided in LG’s press release, both the Optimus One and Optimus Chic feature a lightly-modified launcher with a bottom dock that shares styling cues with the dock found in HTC’s Sense. The Optimus Chic is the more aesthetically pleasing of the two devices, and if BGR’s statements are correct, LG decided to make the Optimus Chic, and not the Optimus One, an entry-level device. No release dates were provided, but all phones in the Optimus line will ship with Android 2.2. LG declared that “[it] prioritizes consumer choice as a key strategy for expanding its footprint in the mobile industry”, so hopefully one of the remaining eight devices in the Optimus series will be able to compete with recent offerings by HTC and Motorola.

Source: BGR

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  • http://www.matthewdlyons.com matthewdlyons

    Yawn. I don't like the mix of hard and capacitive buttons on the Optimus One, as well as the large unused space between the buttons and bottom of the screen. I know Android is open source, but can Google at least issue an standard for the order of the buttons?

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/colindean colindean

    They should totally have given the Optimus series Roman ordinals: Prime, Secundus, Tertious, etc.

    • Cloudmatt

      I'll second that remark, but wouldn't that mean that prime was the lesser of the models?

  • ari-free

    Transform, and roll out!

  • http://yohan06.student.ipb.ac.id/ yohan

    LG cool man :)

  • http://ilhama06.student.ipb.ac.id ilham

    thema LG in mobile phone are adw launcher

  • http://dedenm06.student.ipb.ac.id deden

    yoii.. cool man… awesome….

  • http://ekas0615.student.ipb.ac.id khay

    it's cooool…

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