What is Samsung Transform?

It looks like Sprint has another Samsung Galaxy S phone coming down the road.  At least, that is what it appears to be at first glance.  Called the Samsung Transform, it bears a striking resemblance to the Epic 4G.  So what makes it different?  Perhaps the removal of a sliding QWERTY keyboard, perhaps the omission of 4G.  Should either or both of these be what makes the phone unique, we’re hoping for a decent drop in price from it’s 4G counterpart.  We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for you guys.  Anything we can gather will be promptly shared with the rest of the class.

  • Jason

    FYI — FCC docs said QWERTY keyboard and 3MP camera.

    So I imagine it’s a cheaper, non-4g version of the Epic.

  • Jack

    This phone is a 5g phone.

  • Allison H.

    Above poster is wrong. There is two versions of this phone on the way a 3g & 4g version. The 4g version will offer a 1.5ghz processor, 8MP Camera (thats all that has leaked so far)and comes with a 32g SD card…….There will also be a new 3g phone (pictured above) called the Transform. Not sure what the 3g ones will be spec’d at but the 4g version of this that is the true upgrade to the Epic and is a very nice phone from what I have seen from early development. The 4g is due out early next year. However, the 3g phone listed above is going to be a special for black Friday this year. Hope that solves some mysteries out there for everyone.

    • Aaron M.

      The one thing i wished for was a 3g Galaxy S phone for Sprint. Will this definitely have the slide-out keyboard?

    • dale

      2 sprint stores have said this was going to be out by the end of this month we’re in. One said they were told either the 7th or the 14th is the release date. Hope so, and I’d prefer it didn’t have a keyboard if it would be lighter without one, but I see that the EVO is heavier than the Epic, is that so? wow.

  • Robert Zion

    WIth a 70$ plan and a cool Android phone, its a great deal for ppl who dont want 4G