Lenovo Pulls Curtain Back on IdeaPad K1 and ThinkPad Tablets


Lenovo has announced a pair of new Android-powered tablets today in the IdeaPad K1 and ThinkPad. Starting today customers in the United States (other countries to follow) can pre-order one of the devices with shipping to begin for both next month (August). Both feature Android 3.1, 10.1-inch displays, Nvidia Tegra 2, dual-core 1GHz processors, HDMI output, Adobe Flash support Wi-Fi data connections. Oh, and these will also arrive as the first tablets with Netflix certification. Yeah, Lenovo scooped Motorola, Samsung and everyone else on tablet-optimization for the streaming movie and television service.  

UPDATE: Maybe not yet…


It’s worth pointing out that this video was recorded when an earlier version of Netflix was still in the Android Market.  

Lenovo will position the IdeaPad K1 as more of a multimedia and entertainment device for average consumer types, while the ThinkPad is geared towards corporate suits. Like the HTC Flyer (HTC EVO View 4G [Video}” href=”http://www.androidguys.com/2011/07/08/video-review-htc-evo-view-4g-video/”>Evo View 4G), the ThinkPad features a pen-like stylus for taking notes and marking up documents.

Consumers who pick up an IdeaPad K1 will find that the tablet comes with more than 40 applications already installed for them. Some of the more notable titles include Kindle, Angry Birds, Slacker and Zinio. Lenovo calculates this bundle as being worth roughly $50 however we can imagine a few of you who would gladly pass on any/all pre-loaded bloatware. We just hope we can uninstall them when we turn it on the first time.

Be sure to read more about the new tablets on Lenovo’s website!

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