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Founded on November 5, 2007, we've enjoyed bringing you the latest in Android news and rumors. Updated daily, we strive to deliver reviews, opinions, and updates on all things related to Android.

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Get This Look for your Android: Hard to Beat

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News and Rumors

Win 1-year of Slacker Premium [GIVEAWAY]

Tell us what song you would put on a road trip playlist and you could win!


Texture wallpapers for your Android: Volume II

Looking to change up your Android home screen?  It doesn’t get much easier than swapping out the wallpaper; it’s one of the quickest ways to breath new life into the


Thoughts…in brief: Contract, no contract, or screw it all?

If you have read my bio, you know I am a mother, wife, writer, and low-grade tech junkie. I’m no expert when it comes to technology, but I easily learn


APPTEASERS: 15 great Android apps you should know this week (July 11)

We’ve picked out some really fun games to help pass the time in these hot, dog days of summer.

News and Rumors

Motorola rumored to be making a cheaper Nexus 4-like phone

According to the Spanish tech site ADSLZone, Motorola is making a less expensive phone in the spirit of the Nexus 4. Rumors concerning the American manufacturer’s plans say that the upcoming device will play host

News and Rumors

Offers app and new Google Maps app for Android make it even easier to save on purchases

Google seems to be making it easier than ever to save money. Today on their commerce blog, they mentioned that they have expanded the way users can discover offers to include

News and Rumors

Amazon drops HTC One to $49.99 ( Sprint and AT&T)

Drastic discounts for those looking to sign a new service agreement.

Accessory Reviews

Brands we love: Seidio

In the market for a new smartphone or tablet accessory for your beloved Android? Fortunately for you, there are a number of companies who provide a portfolio of wonderful products

Get This Look!

Get this look for your Android: Vibandroid

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] We’re huge fans of changing the home screen around a bit and creating a new user experience for our Android. So much so that we present this weekly series


Taskbar W8 – A Start button for Android

Taskbar Windows 8 style (W8) adds a very familiar, but almost incompatible, feeling to Android.  Even though Microsoft did not think it was worth keeping, the Start button has been

News and Rumors

Start your back-ups! Astrid will officially shut down this August

If you remember, Yahoo! purchased Astrid (the task management service) back in May, and we had reported that Yahoo! didn’t plan on keeping the service around. Well folks, it looks

News and Rumors

Staples drops prices on all Nexus 7 devices, new Nexus may be looming

If you’re in the mood for speculation, put on your monocles and grab your corncob pipes, and indulge me for a moment. From leaks and rumors all over the internet,


Gradient wallpapers for your Android smartphone or tablet

Give your Android a new look this weekend with one of these unobtrusive and simple wallpapers.

News and Rumors

Reminder: MobileBeat 2013 is next week

Friendly reminder time! MobileBeat 2013 — VentureBeat’s sixth annual event on the future of mobile — is coming up on July 9-10 in San Francisco, and it’s shaping up to