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An editor and author for Androidguys gives me the opportunity to share my passion for mobile technology with other like minded people.


Awesome HD aircraft wallpapers

Who knew a Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit stealth bomber could weigh 158,100 pounds?  The darned thing is supposed to be stealth, but that is part of what make aircraft so


Puppy wallpapers to fill your screen with cuteness

Who doesn’t love puppies?  I adopted my Lab/Shepherd mix at 6 months old(featured image) and miss the days of when she was an adorable puppy.  I have curated a bunch of

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Facebook Messenger no longer requires a Facebook account

Some people simply refuse to use Facebook for many reasons like privacy, a massive time drain, and internet trolls.  With 1.4 billion active users on Facebook and over 600 million active

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KFC and Waze partner to bring Colonel Sanders’ voice to your GPS

Kentucky Fried Chicken has been working on their image lately to bring in new customers, and part of that campaign is bringing back Colonel Sanders.  Waze and KFC have partnered

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Photos of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 leak and show a beautiful tablet

  Samsung released a set of high-end tablets, Galaxy Tab S line, in 2014 which set the bar for all other Android tablets.  Not only did the tablet have an


Soen Audio Transit XS – One of the best portable speakers you can buy

If you are a follower of Androidguys, you know we review a lot of bluetooth speakers.  It is one of the most popular accessories for mobile devices that you can

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Google is developing A.I. to count the calories in your food photos

I am from a family of foodies, and I also have many foodie friends.  We just love food and we love to take pictures of food to share with those

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Nintendo plans to join the ranks of Android manufacturers

According to a report from news website Kotaku, Nintendo intends to join the Android world by either creating a new mobile device or powering their next generation console with Google’s most

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Who needs a smartwatch to make payments when you can use your voice?

Google announced a new app called hands Free that will allow you to make in-store payments with just your voice.  Never reach for your wallet, smartwatch, or phone again with Hands

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Google will standardize fingerprint readers in Android M

Sadly, one area where Apple iOS is severely better than Android at is reading fingerprints.  Apple has pretty much set the standard for all other devices, when it comes to

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Verizon updates EDGE program to make it easier to upgrade

Verizon is historically the last company to compete with T-Mobile and their game changing ways in making smartphones more accessible.  Verizon is known for having a superior network, which allows

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Twitter’s Periscope, live video streaming app is now available on Google Play

Twitter finally released its Android version of Periscope on Google Play.   Periscope is Twitter’s response to Meerkat, which allows users to stream live video for others to login to

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Blu releases Studio C 99 dollar Android smartphone on

Blu products released their latest unlocked Android, the Studio C, smartphone today on  The new device is compatible with GSM networks such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Metro PCS, and Cricket

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Jurassic World™: The Game is now available on Google Play

Jurassic World is a movie in a series of 4 so far, set to be released June 12th, based on Jurassic Park but 22 years later.   We are still

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Google Maps updated to help you avoid delays

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, many of us are looking toward an extending weekend with some sort of travel involved.  Living in San Diego, I see plenty of traffic