Here’s how to get Android 5.1 on your AT&T Nexus 6

ATT Nexus 6

I recently wrote a post on my AT&T Nexus 6 getting Android Lollipop 5.1.  There was some confusion on my part on how to exactly get it right, but after experimenting and having others users confirm this method I can now give clear instructions on how to get the latest update, and let me ...

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Motorola reveals Android 5.1 changelog for Moto X (2nd Gen.)

moto x moto g lollipop announcement

After rolling out Android 5.1 Lollipop update for the Google Nexus 6, Motorola is now ready to upgrade its flagship device, the Moto X (2nd Gen). Information regarding the new software update has been revealed in a post on Motorola’s support page for the current Moto X (XT1095). The ...

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New Android feature to keep your phone unlocked until you put it down


Don’t you get annoyed when you are reading something on the internet and your Android phone decides to sleep and unlock itself on you. Well, fret not as Google has quietly introduced on-body detection feature to Android devices running Lollipop. As the name suggests, this cool feature ...

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Download the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge wallpapers

Galaxy S6 edge_lockscreen

So you can’t wait for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to come out? Well how about enjoying their wallpapers early? Below are the default bundled wallpapers for Samsung’s next flagship device and can be yours today. They come courtesy of XDA and a direct download link to grab the whole ...

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GET THIS LOOK: Moonshine 2.0


The team behind the Moonshine icon pack has pushed version 2.0 to the Play Store, adding a ton of new stuff. First thing to notice upon launching the Moonshine app is the new Material Design Dashboard. You will be presented with all of the free icons in one section, and to the left of that... ...

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AT&T Nexus 6 starts to receive Android Lollipop 5.1 – Here’s how to get it

ATT Nexus 6

I have been using a Nexus 6 for the past four weeks, and I can tell you the bugs are getting old.  Luckily for me, AT&T started its roll out of Android Lollipop 5.1 as my own phone received the update last night.  The build number is LMY47D, and it comes with stability improvements, ...

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Watch: 10 odd short films with Robert Downey Jr. to promote the HTC One M9


Remember back in 2013 when HTC signed a deal with Robert Downey Jr. reported to be worth roughly $1 billion? You know, those whole “Here’s to Change” commercials with the hispter trolls washing cars and such? Well, apparently HTC likes RDJ so much that they brought him back ...

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Top pros and cons of the HTC One M9


HTC has recently announced it will bring it’s new One M9 smartphone to the masses on April 10th after a slight delay due to software adjustments. This will be their third flagship smartphone in the ‘M’ series, and while they have improved upon a lot of things from their ...

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T-Mobile steps on the gas with Carrier Freedom and Un-contract initiatives


As if you might need another reason to consider switching to T-Mobile for your wireless service, the “Un-Carrier” today announced two more features for its customers. For starters, T-Mobile is bringing back the contract; except it isn’t. Dubbed the “Un-contract” ...

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HTC UH OH Protection: 1 year free replacement for cracked screen or water damage


It happens. You drop your phone. It gets wet. Life gets in the way. And, sadly, for a lot of us, this sort of thing happens within the first year of owning a smartphone. HTC, recognizing this, and seeing an opportunity, has introduced a terrific new program to address this situation. Called UH ...

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Reminder: Google I/O 2015 registration is now open; closes on March 19


Here’s a quick reminder to let you all know that registration has opened for Google I/O 2015. Beginning today (12PM EST) and running through 5PM (PDT) on March 19, you can sign up for a chance to attend the annual developer’s conference. As was the case last year, this is a ...

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Monday Makeover: An extensive look at UCCW


There is a plethora of apps out there that allow you to customize just about every single thing on your android smartphone without even rooting. That is why we have started the weekly series “Monday Makeover.” Each week we will take one of these customization apps and talk about setting it up, ...

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Sprint will eat all costs to switch from another carrier in limited time deal


Sprint on Friday announced a new, limited time promotion designed to lure customers away from other wireless providers. Starting immediately, Sprint will cover all of the costs associated with breaking a contract with your current cell phone carrier. That’s right, not just the early ...

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23 St. Patrick’s Day themed wallpapers for your Android


Looking to change up your Android home screen?  It doesn’t get much easier than swapping out the wallpaper; it’s one of the quickest ways to breath new life into the mobile experience.  This collection of wallpapers is centered around the common theme of “St. Patrick’s ...

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The best Apps for your Rooted Android device

android root

So you managed to root your Android device? Good going! Now what? We’ve compiled the best Apps for your newly rooted Android device to get you started. Titanium Backup The first App I always install on my newly rooted device to recover from any failures or to easily restore my Apps and ...

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