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Epic App Battles of Android Final Round: Slacker vs. Google Play Music

Slacker has surprised everyone here in making it to the final round of Epic App Battles of Android. I think that even the folks at Slacker were surprised. With only

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Are Samsung’s edgy smartphones worth it?

Does fashion outweigh function? Like many, I was captivated by Samsung’s Spring flagship launch this year.  But this was not due to the beautified Galaxy S6.  Rather, it was the evolution of Samsung’s screen-bending

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Epic App Battles of Android: week 2 summary

The dust has settled and our second round of Epic App Battles of Android has concluded. There were some winners and there were some losers and after the dust settled,

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(Quick Charge 2.0) CHOETECH 15600 mAh 2-Port USB Portable Charger (Review)

You’re probably thinking, another battery review. And you are right, we do a lot of portable battery charger reviews, because they are ever present in our expanding mobile world. This

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Sit back and relax with these sunset wallpapers

Today we are bringing you some wallpapers for your devices that should help you sit back and relax. Maybe if you close your eyes, you’ll picture yourself sitting on the

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Snapdragon 820 specs leak ahead of launch

Pan Jiutang, Chinese analyst, spilt the beans on the supposed specs of Snapdragon 820. Announced on Weibo, some of the specs include 14nm construction, a new Adreno 530 GPU and

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How Motorola began putting their trust in the consumer

Then, Motorola was purchased by Google. It is not quite clear exactly how much of a hand Google had in Motorola’s creation of their next smartphone: we’ve seen some reports

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What is the least important feature on a phone? [Poll]

We spend lots of time talking about the best features on smartphones and what makes them so great. But what if we decided to turn the tables? Today, we are

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Should Google Play Edition devices come back? What went wrong?

Android users often love their phone’s hardware, but wish that they had a choice over what software it ran.  This was in fact a driving force in creating the Google Play

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Does no NFC make or break the OnePlus 2? AndroidGuys chimes in

It has been exactly a week since the OnePlus 2 was announced in the first-ever virtual reality product launch. While we knew many of the specs of the upcoming OnePlus devices beforehand,

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The 2015 Nexus is our last hope for the perfect Android phone

As we head into the last half of 2015, we have to look back and say that the slew of Android phones that have been released thus far have simply

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Speed up the week with these fast car wallpapers

Today we are bringing you some wallpapers for some cars that will make your phone just look fast, no matter what device you are running.

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Epic App Battles of Android: Google Play Music vs. Tidal

Today’s Epic App Battles of Android has two of round 1’s champions going head to head. The winner will go on to the final round and have one last chance

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Amazon Fire TV Stick goes on sale for $24 – today only

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is already the value leader in the streaming world at it’s full retail price of $39, but today you can one for $24 with free in-store

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How to change your boot animation [Root]

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that Android is the king when it comes to customization. While other people choose to have a phone that allows you to only