Sonos Controller for Android updated to version 5.3

sonos  controller

Sonos has officially pushed out version 5.3 from Beta its controller app for Android and brings some important changes when navigating screens within the app. Three taps to party mode. Put the finishing touches on your party prep with a playlist to set the mood throughout the house. Use the new ...

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Huawei rumored as the next Nexus maker

Huawei Logo

According to TechnoBuffalo, Kevin Yang, a director at the Chinese research firm iSuppli, Huawei will be the manufacturer of the next Nexus. Google made the decision after considering other local manufacturers and the growing market of Android devices in the country. Understandably, while ...

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iA Writer:

ia writer

  Sometimes when creating a document, whether it be for a book, a school assignment, or business report, we can get caught up in how the page looks and the formatting. Sometimes the formatting is even a distraction, and just another way to procrastinate. The folks over at Information ...

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LG: G4 will be radically different from G3 but new line is even better


LG has really shown off its abilities the last couple of years with the G2 and G3 smartphones. However, it seems they are striving to do better, as the G4 will be radically different. The Korea Times ran an article that stated that the G4 will have a “metal-mixtured body, and is expected ...

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Download and install latest Hangouts 3.0 APK


An update is being pushed to Hangout users, with a few minor tweaks and enhancements. Here are the changes: Snooze notifications button moved to top Long-pressing a message includes View Profile option Improved contact cards Mint green accents in new areas Hangouts APK download link

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Get This Look: Strip UI (icon pack)


Looking to refresh your Android up with a new app, widget, icon pack, or launcher? You’ve come to the right place; we love to help with that sort of thing. Our Get This Look column is designed to help highlight things that can have a really cool impact on your smartphone or tablet. Today ...

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Meet NVIDIA’s $200 SHIELD console, a true Android game changer


NVIDIA is changing the way we game on Android yet again. After starting off with the Shield portable gaming and entertainment console in 2013, NVIDIA followed up with a downright monster Shield Tablet. Then, as 2015 was getting underway, they went and introduced a new processor that runs ...

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Google play store celebrates its 3rd birthday with 33 hot deals


The Google play store is now an incredible three years old!  Can you remember what life was like without apps?  I certainly know that I love my apps, from productivity apps like Gmail, calendar, Chrome, to fun apps like Boom Beach and Words with Friends, down to the very useful apps like ...

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Jolly Jam: Rovio takes casual gaming in a new and totally fun direction


Rovio Stars Ltd., a division of gaming behemoth Rovio, recently released its latest casual gamer, Jolly Jam. Featuring bright colorful graphics, fun characters, and a three-star scoring system, it falls somewhere between its own Angry Birds franchise and Juice Cubes. As was to be expected, the ...

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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge gallery


Samsung on Sunday announced the first dual-edge display variant of its flagship Galaxy S6 line of smartphones with the Galaxy S6 edge. Slated to arrive in April, we’re giving you a look at the device from a number of angles and in a handful of color options.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 gallery


Samsung refreshed its flagship smartphone line with the introduction of the Galaxy S6 at Mobile World Congress. Here’s a look at the device from a variety of angles and in a number of colors. [Show slideshow] 1234►

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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. LG G3

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. LG G3

Examining the specs, it can definitely be said that LG did a great job in future proofing its G3. Many details are near identical despite the fact that the G3 is eight to nine months old. Sure, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a better processor, graphics, and cameras. However, the G3 has a larger ...

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Did HTC offer enough with the One M9?


It was an unusual journey leading up to the One M9 launch this past Sunday, as many of us weren’t quite sure what to expect from HTC. Though the countless leaks revealed a phone extremely similar to the M8, there was a few that showed a whole new look coming to the M9 including a... Read More

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Motorola Moto X 2014


  The Galaxy S6’s spectacular new screen boasts a QHD screen with 577 ppi, dominating the Moto X’s 1080p screen of 424 ppi. The Moto X’s screen still looks fantastic nonetheless and Motorola has taken full advantage of AMOLED technology with Active Display and off-screen ...

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When and where to buy: HTC One M9


  HTC announced its latest flagship Android experience, the One M9, at Mobile World Congress on March 1. According to HTC, the handset will begin trickling out to a number of carriers starting as soon as this month. We’ve gathered up links and details for the various U.S. wireless ...

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