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News and Rumors

Nexus 5X first impressions. The REAL flagship killer has just stood up.

I know it is too soon to say the Nexus 5X is the real flagship killer that the OnePlus 2 claims to be, but after two days of usage, the

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Nexus 6P first impressions (P is for Premium); the best phone of 2015

It is really difficult to tell how great a phone is at a press event. As a writer, we literally get a few hours max to spend with the newest


1byone is giving away 10 USB 3.0 4-Port Hubs on!

We know we aren’t the biggest Android Media outlet, and because we know that, and have some of the most educated and loyal followers, we want to thank you with

News and Rumors

Droid Turbo 2 and Maxx 2 confirmed in leaked promo material

There’s a great deal of anticipation for Motorola’s Droid variant of its 2015 flagship. That anticipation was exacerbated when the Motorola/Verizon invite went out to the press, because the companies

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Droid Turbo 2 teased on accessory manufacturer website

The announcement of the new Motorola Droid devices is just around the corner. However, if you’re too antsy to wait, this news might help hold you over. Case manufacturer Qmadix


FXGuru is here to spook your Halloween! [App Review]

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be interested in an app or two that can bring some fun into the day. Today, we’re taking a look at FXGuru,

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New Fallout Shelter update gives you cloud services, mystery sightings, and more

Bethesda Software has just released an update to its Android app, Fallout Shelter. If you are unfamiliar with the game, then check out the Fallout Shelter app review. Up to this point,

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The OnePlus X makes an appearance, full details leak

The third phone from OnePlus has reared its head. The OnePlus X, the little brother to the OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 appeared on OppoMart this morning, revealing specs and

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Carphone Warehouse offers a proper hands-on with the BlackBerry Priv

In the last few weeks, since the BlackBerry CEO confirmed and (awkwardly) showed off the new BlackBerry Priv, folks have been wondering what will be under the hood. Luckily, the

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Using Android Pay at Jamba Juice will earn you an Android collectible

Are you craving a smoothie? Perhaps you want a tasty, healthy treat that? Head on over to Jamba Juice this weekend and you could earn yourself a free Android collectible

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OnePlus will stop taking reservations for invites on October 22

OnePlus will be ending their reservation system on October 22, and focus on fulfilling those reservations by sending out invites. The system has amassed over 5 million reservations, a success by any metric.

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Google Play update teased with a brand new design

Google Play is about to get a brand new look, if some new screenshots are anything to go by. Google’s pixelpusher Kirill Grouchnikov has posted screenshots of the redesigned storefront

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Barnes & Noble announces Readouts: A new way to experience content

We sadly have seen Barnes & Noble close many of its brick and mortar stores, but that doesn’t mean they have gone away. Times have changed from the times I

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YouTube Gaming update lets users livestream gameplay

It seems like Google’s been hard at work behind the scenes, as they today announced an updated version of their YouTube Gaming app. This comes after the initial announcement of the

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Blu Products launches BLU Studio Energy 2 and BLU Energy X

Blu Products, a company who focuses on making unlocked smartphones, just announced the Blu Studio Energy 2 and Blu Energy X as a part of their incredible lineup of devices.