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The best-selling unlocked Android phones from Best Buy (December 22)

Motorola’s 2nd-Gen Moto G is at the head of the pack Purchasing a new smartphone can be quite the expensive endeavor. Moreover, it can also be a bit of a headache

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ZTE launches Axon Max with 6-inch FHD display and USB Type C in China

As the year draws to a close, ZTE is launching its latest Axon flagship device – the Axon Max – in China. ZTE is also launching its Global VIP passport service, which will provide

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The Elephone Vowney is the best Android phone you can get for $300

$300 dollars will get you everything you want in an Android device, including free shipping. The Elephone Vowney is one of the most fully loaded phones of 2015, and best

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Newegg’s best-selling unlocked Android phones (December 21)

Not many people know this, but Newegg is a pretty solid destination for finding discounts and deals on unlocked smartphones. Yep, you can shop from a number of models that

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[Deal] You don’t want to miss this deal for the Nexus 6

Early on Black Friday, Motorola surprised everyone with an incredible sale where you get the 32GB Nexus 6 for only $250. Well that deal is back on and you can

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Pre-order the Leagoo Alfa 1 Android Lollipop smartphone for $99.99

On a budget? Or simply of tired of paying a ton for phones? I am tired of paying hidden fees with cell phone companies, and simply am going the route

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We are giving away the ultimate gift package! An Amazon gift card, Chromecast Audio, Star Wars Cardboard and more

2016 is coming to an end and we are just a week away from Christmas. I know everyone doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but many of you do support giving and especially

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Amazon’s best-selling unlocked Android phones (December 19)

Motorola’s unlocked flagship smartphone for 2015 has moved into the top spot for this week. The top ten shakes up a little bit, but it’s largely comprised of the same models

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Get these 36 Android games at a great price

It’s Christmas time, and it is no surprise to see a whole truck-load of apps and games go on discount in the Play Store. In fact, here’s a list including

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You can toggle “Merge tabs and apps” on and off in Chrome

An interesting feature introduced in Android Lollipop that was built into Chrome is merging the browser tabs into your phone’s multitasking menu. This eliminated the ability to see all your

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Returning a phone to T-Mobile? This simple tip could save you a lot of time!

Have you recently purchased a device from T-Mobile that you’re looking to return? Well, T-Mobile has some requirements to take the phone back. Most of the requirements are common sense. It must be

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CPR Cell Phone Repair: accidents don’t have to mean the end

It unfortunately happens to be that despite us babying our treasured devices, life can still creep up unexpectedly and remind us how futile the effort is. Many of us (including myself)

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Check out these limited time deals on Xiaomi’s latest mobile products

Xiaomi is definitely one of the fastest growing mobile tech companies in the world right now. It is currently the fourth largest smartphone maker in the world and with good

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Project Fi now offers device insurance

Users who purchased a Nexus 5X or 6P on Google’s Project Fi have sadly been unable to take advantage of the Nexus Protect program, Google’s insurance for Nexus devices. Google

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ZTE partners with Fleksy for future smartphones

If you’re a fan of Fleksy and/or the phone manufacturer ZTE, this might be of some interest to you. ZTE and Fleksy have announced a partnership that will have Fleksy pre-installed