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LIMITED TIME ONLY: Thousands of Udemy’s online courses only $19 (Promo code inside!)

January’s already in the books and you’ve yet to make good on your resolution. What are you waiting for? Aren’t you supposed to be an expert Android developer by now?

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The $350 Huawei GX8 is now available for purchase

Huawei is definitely on a mission to be the maker of your next smartphone. Getting its second phone out in the U.S. before Mobile World Congress is no small feat.

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Galaxy S7 photo leaks show refinement to familiar designs

The unveiling of Samsung’s latest Galaxy handsets is fast approaching, but if you’re too antsy to wait, thankfully leakers have our backs. Today, we’ve gotten our best looks yet (allegedly)

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Monster Powercard Turbo review

There are a multitude of options out there if you are looking for a smartphone charger — plenty of different types, shapes, colors, bells and whistles. But the bottom line

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The Elephone M3 is a whole lot of phone for just $200

Another great deal from brings you an ultra powerful device for just $199.99. Elephone has been on a roll with devices that defy the laws of pricing and smartphones.

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The 100% full wood Nexus 6P skin by Toast is awesome

I am not a huge fan of using cases for my smartphones because they add too much bulk. There is definitely a purpose to them if you’re the type who

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How to stream Superbowl 50 on your Android device

The Superbowl. The number one sporting event in the United States of America. It’s also the only thing that I know of on TV, where the commercials are as hotly

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Making the switch from iOS to Android is much easier than you think

Being a writer for obviously shows I think Android is the best mobile platform you can get. But even I was once an Apple fanboy since my first smartphone was

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Benefits of unlocking your phone and how to do it

We know there’s a lot of you out there that don’t really care about unlocking their phone. But when the time comes, and it always does, you will regret not

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Android OEMs, this is what we’ve been wanting in smartphones!

You know, too often it looks like Android smartphone manufacturers aren’t listening to our wants (or at very least, our top priorities). We’re the ones buying the phones after all! I

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Android Wear nabs new gestures and phone call features

Google today introduced Android Wear 1.4, the latest version of its wearable platform. This one’s not a minor update with bug fixes and patches; indeed, there’s plenty of new and cool

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Verizon blesses prepaid users with more data

In an attempt to keep pace with rival carriers, Verizon on Thursday added more data to its prepaid rate plans. Effective immediately, customers on the $45 and $60 plans get

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Nintendo reveals new details on its first mobile app

After months of speculation, Nintendo has unveiled its launch plans for its first ever mobile app, Miitomo. The app, which will be available on Android, will allow users to create Mii

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Nyko Cygnus Bluetooth Controller review: A great companion for your Android gaming needs

I don’t know about you, but I’m not generally a fan of gaming on a touchscreen. Like many gamers out there, my gaming roots are based on using a controller.

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Microsoft buys popular Android keyboard Swiftkey

Microsoft has confirmed that it has agreed to buy London-based Swiftkey. Shortly after, the popular AI based Android keyboard was swift to confirm that it would be joining the Microsoft family. The