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News and Rumors

Purported Huawei Nexus gets shown off on candid camera

Yesterday, the specs were leaked for the two of the most highly anticipated devices of the year. The LG Nexus 5 (2015) and the Huawei Nexus specs were leaked to

News and Rumors

Keep track of your unread Feedly articles with Google Now

As someone who needs to keep track of the news, I have a few different ways of doing so. While at my computer, I use the web interface for Feedly,

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YouTube changes up the views counter to avoid confusion

For quite some time, YouTubers and users alike, have been frustrated by the algorithm behind calculating the amount of views a specific video has. Yesterday, YouTube revealed that the frustrating

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Epic App Battles of Android Round 5: Spotify vs. Slacker

In the green corner, we have Spotify, founded in 2006 with 100 million downloads and an average user rating of 4.5 In the red corner, we have Slacker, founded in

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Idol 3 will receive Stagefright bug fix starting August 10

For the past several days, a new Android vulnerability given the name “Stagefright” has been causing consumers to worry about the security of their Android devices. For those who do

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Google commits to monthly security updates for Nexus devices

Security.  We all worry about it, and we all leave our security in the hands of Google when we use Android devices.  Our smartphones are continually gathering more information about

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Google Slides and Google Keep gain new powers

Today is Google’s update Wednesday, and it seems today’s focus is on Google Slides and Google Keep, gaining some neat new abilities. First off, they’re is updating Slides with the

News and Rumors

LG and Huawei Nexus get another leaked specs treatment

We’re all impatiently waiting to know what the Nexus duo this year will be all about.  Thankfully hot devices are prone to gossip, in the form of alleged specs, to keep our anticipation


Snapdragon 820 specs leak ahead of launch

Pan Jiutang, Chinese analyst, spilt the beans on the supposed specs of Snapdragon 820. Announced on Weibo, some of the specs include 14nm construction, a new Adreno 530 GPU and

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LG delivers Android-powered flip phone in Wine Smart

LG on Wednesday announced the Wine Smart, an Android-powered flip phone headed for international markets. Running the latest version of Android, the clamshell device offers a 3.2-inch display at 480

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This is what the Nexus 6 would have looked like with a fingerprint sensor

It may have been a while since the Nexus 6 was ‘new’ news having been on the market already for around 9 months, but recent pictures of the device show that

News and Rumors crowns T-Mobile, Xfinity as the fastest networks

T-Mobile is having a good week. They recently passed Sprint to become the third biggest mobile carrier in the states. And now, another accolade. has named T-Mobile the fastest

News and Rumors

OnePlus is using its invite system for good; donating to charity

OnePlus has been in the media a lot the past few months. Mainly it has been news and rumors surrounding their new device, the OnePlus 2. Today, it is a

News and Rumors

T-Mobile continues momentum, passes Sprint to become third biggest US carrier

T-Mobile added 2.1 mm customers to pass Sprint as the 3rd biggest carrier in the country. This is T-Mobile’s 9th consecutive quarter of growth.

Android 101

HOW TO: Delete recommendation history in Google Play Music

If you head into the settings page of the desktop Google Play Music site then you’ll see a new option that rolled out today called “delete recommendation history” that will do just