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Satechi releases a new wireless gamepad to turn your smartphone into a gaming device

Satechi, founded and headquartered in San Diego(America’s Finest City and also my hometown), announced a new Wireless Gamepad to help turn your tablet or smartphone into a real gaming machine. Our mobile

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AT&T NumberSync feature to share one mobile number across multiple devices

AT&T today announced NumberSync, a new feature that will let users share one phone number with other connected devices. Because it stinks to give friends and family a new phone

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Download Google Photos 1.7 update APK

The 1.7 update for Google Photos is mainly small big fixes and performance increases. It’s hard to tell right off the bat what is fixed, but one thing I noticed

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T-Mobile revives 10GB shared promo plan, limited-time only

T-Mobile just brought back one of its best promotions to date, the family plan for families who don’t like to share data. The promotion is listed as a “Limited-time offer”

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iPhone 6S camera outpaced by many Android flagships

In testing done by camera image quality experts, the Apple iPhone 6S sits behind many of today’s Android flagship phones. DxOMark, the website in question, conducts tests to determine photo and video

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Official booloader unlock now available for the Asus Zenfone 2 is now available

Asus released one of the best budget phones of 2015 with their $199 ZenFone 2. Two versions were released, the more budget friendly version with 2GB of RAM and 16GB

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All-In-One Toolbox keeps your phone up to speed [App Review]

If you’re running a budget Android device, it can be rather daunting to experience slow speeds and lag. Fortunately, there are a few solutions, and today we are going to take

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Moto G (3rd Gen) coming to Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless, a carrier known for offering low-priced smartphones and plans that take advantage of multiple cell and WiFi networks, announced today that the third generation Moto G would be

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HTC One A9 photos leak

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve heard anything about HTC’s upcoming One A9 (a.k.a. the HTC Aero), which is expected to be unveiled at an event on October 20th.

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Sony adds Marshmallow resources and Xperia Z5 binaries to Open Device program

Sony continues to be one of the most developer friendly Android OEMs. The Japanese tech giant has an Open Device Program where they upload device configurations, software binaries and build

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OUKITEL announces 6,000mAh battery smartphone

Chinese manufacturer OUKITEL has announced the K6000 smartphone with an enormous 6,000mAh battery capable of some serious usage while staying off the charger. OUKITEL claims the phone lasts up to 10

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Android 6.0 will work on the Nexus 4

There are those of us who still cherish their Nexus 4 phones and are unwilling to move past to get a bigger device. While Google is leaving the phone behind

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SCOSCHE and The National Breast Cancer Foundation partner up for goPink for Hope

Consider yourself fortunate if you don’t know anyone who has been afflicted by cancer. Cancer does not discriminate as it knows no age, race, gender, social class, or sexual orientation.

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Download the Hangouts 5.0 update- Mostly bug fixes

With a lot of anticipation for the next big hangouts update in hopes of reducing lag and changing the UI, the 5.0 update is now rolling out to some users,

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Verizon offering simplified prepaid data plans for tablets, other devices

Verizon recently unveiled a new, more streamlined set of options for prepaid customers who simply need data. Whether for a tablet, connected laptop, hotspot, or something else, the plans are available without credit check. Subscribers