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Minecraft PE adds cross-platform mulitplayer, the Nether, and more

In an unexpected, but not unwanted move. Mojang has released Minecraft PE 0.12.1. While still technically in alpha stage, the new update brings it up to par with the Windows 10

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Hangouts updated to get ready for Android Marshmallow release

In the last few weeks we have seen more and more evidence of Google laying the ground-work for the upcoming release of Android Marshmallow. In the lead up to their

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Google teams up with Zac Posen to inspire young girls to code

Please excuse my ignorance when it comes to high fashion, but I do have friends who are into that kind of stuff and when I asked them about Zac Posen,

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Samsung Pay is getting off to a strong start in beta tests

Samsung Pay is their attempt to move into the mobile banking sector. The app has been preloaded onto the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, Note5 and the S6 edge+ in the United

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Blu debuts Vivo Air LTE as America’s thinnest 4G LTE smartphone

Blu today announced a follow-up to its Vivo Air smartphone launched earlier in the year. Called the Vivo Air LTE, the unlocked smartphone is aluminum and features a profile that’s only

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Verizon to offer free mobile TV for everyone through its Go90 app

Big Red is set to enter into the mobile television market this week with their new Go90 app. They are aiming their focus right at the Millenials who do much

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Verizon will begin testing its 5G network in 2016

Barely six years after launching its 4G LTE network, Verizon plans to start field-testing its next-generation high speed data service. Dubbed, for lack of a better term, 5G, it could deliver

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Verizon’s XXL data tier offers 18GB shareable data

Verizon has a new rate plan for customers who need to share a lot of data each month. By a lot, we mean 18GB of 4G LTE data. Available starting

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Samsung Galaxy S7 will be offered with two screen sizes, report says

Don’t look now, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors are sneaking up right behind you. Indeed, we’re barely a few weeks beyond the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note

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Blizzard’s Mobile Authenticator app FINALLY gets updated

Those entrenched in World of Warcraft have had more than a few reasons to rejoice over the last few months. At BlizzCon, the newest expansion was announced and then released.

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Instagram to sprinkle 30-second ads in feeds

Get ready for a few more advertisements in your Instagram feeds. According to an announcement on the official Instagram blog, businesses will soon be able to run campaigns on the

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The Amazon Fire Phone is officially off the shelves

The end is finally here for Amazon’s push into the mobile phone market with the Fire Phone. The device has officially been cleared from Amazon’s shelves.

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Lollipop adoption on the rise at 22% however KitKat still reigns King

With Android Marshmallow coming sometime within the next month or so, the Android Developers Blog has shared the current OS breakdown. These numbers space across any devices running Android 2.2

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Get prepared for Android 6.0: Download and install the latest Google Play Store 5.9.11 APK

The Google Play Store has just received a version bump, bringing it to version 5.9.11 and gets devices ready for the impending launch of Android 6.0, as well as bringing with it

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Best Buy now selling the Nexus 6 for $350

Last week we saw Amazon drop the price of the Motorola Nexus 6 to $350. This makes sense as they’re probably trying to clear stock before the new Nexus is