Google Messenger adds animated gif support in v1.2 release (Download APK)


An updated version of Google Messenger is making its way out into the hands of Android users which might be a welcome change for some. As noted by Android Police, the 1.2 release of the app offers support for animated gifs in conversation threads. Sure, it seems like one of those things that ...

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VAIO’s first smartphone comes to Japan


Japanese residents have a new smartphone option to choose from as VAIO has introduced it’s first Android handset. Featuring a 5-inch 720p display, the VA-10J runs what appears to be a stock Android 5.0 Lollipop build. Specifications are pretty much what you’d expect in the middle of ...

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Moto E LTE now available on Verizon for $99


Barely a few weeks after the launch of Motorola’s second generation Moto E, Verizon Wireless has listed its LTE variant for sale on its website. Priced at $99 with contract and $199 without contract, this ultra-budget device is indeed a sweet deal for those who don’t want to compromise in the ...

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Nexus 6 arrives at Verizon starting March 12

Nexus 6

After months of waiting, Verizon customers can finally get the Nexus 6 on “the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network” starting on March 12 online, and March 19 in stores. There seems to be no indication in Verizon’s announcement as to why there was a wait, ...

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The best Apps for your Rooted Android device

android root

So you managed to root your Android device? Good going! Now what? We’ve compiled the best Apps for your newly rooted Android device to get you started. Titanium Backup The first App I always install on my newly rooted device to recover from any failures or to easily restore my Apps and ...

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uCiC review: Ask, and you shall receive


uCiC (you see I see) is a new app available on the Google Play Store and App Store that gives users the power to request any kind of information in their current location. Whether the user is a traveler in a new area, or permanently resides there, uCiC allows you send a public request to... Read More

Boxer and Cyanogen team up for email client in Cyanogen OS

Boxer Email (coming to Cyanogen)

Cyanogen and Boxer have announced a partnership in bringing Boxer’s email app to Cyanogen OS. The company’s next update, Cyanogen OS 12, will be the first to feature Boxer’s app as the default. Cyanogen’s motive is to offer alternatives to Google’s stock Android ...

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Download and install latest Google Play Store 5.3.6 APK (Material Design)


The Google Play Store has just received a version bump, bringing it to version 5.3.6 only days after getting seeing version 5.3.5 rolled out. What’s New – New Search Bar – New Material Design Animation If like me you like to be on the cutting edge of developments, you can go ...

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Anker 2nd Gen Astro3 12800mAh Battery review


Design Anker® 2nd Gen Astro3 12800mAh The Astro3 does not stray from the traditional look of modern external batteries, as Anker decided to keep with the conventional square frame. Made from a matte black silicon material, the Astro3 feels great to the touch and is able to fit in discretely in ...

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HTC One E9 specs and images surface


Whilst the HTC One M9 was only just released, it doesn’t mean HTC have sat back and relaxed. According to a new leak, a handset called the HTC One E9 is in the works which gives a flatter design. With a 5.5-inch display, which reportedly may be Quad-HD, the E9 is said to be powered... Read More

Multi-window support could soon be coming to Android


One of the best features that has been on the Samsung Galaxy Note series for a while is the ability to put apps into a window, allowing you to view multiple apps at once. This is otherwise known as “multi-window” support. It seems with the latest code commit of AOSP after the ...

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Tests show the Samsung Galaxy S6 screen is a class above the rest


Ignoring the recent discovery of the touch input issues that plague the Galaxy S6 (or at least the units on display at MWC 2015), DisplayMate has conducted their own analysis of the screen technology and are suitably impressed. After looking at a number of factors of the Galaxy S6 screen, ...

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Nova Launcher Beta updated to full Material Design


One of the most popular homescreen launcgers on Google Play has been updated for a full Material Design makeover, complete with some new animations, options and modern looks. Top features for the update include All settings screens/dialogs More animations Edit shortcut dialog tinted based on ...

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Could this be our first look at the LG G4?


It seems that amongst all the excitement of the Galaxy S6 being launched, LG may have felt a little left out, as today we see what could be the first leak of the LG G4. Coming courtesy of a Twitter account called @onleaks – managed by the editor of NowhereElse.Fr – is an image ...

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Amazon giving away $25,000 in Appstore sweepstakes


What would you do with a $25,000 shopping spree through Amazon? It’s possible you could actually find out; the online behemoth is throwing an Appstore Sweepstakes with a grand prize worth exactly that. Beginning today, and running through April 15, 2015, all you have to do is fill out an ...

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