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News and Rumors

Impulse Buy Alert: The HTC Re is now just $50

HTC was ambitious when they decided to take on GoPro with their HTC Re. The action cam didn’t gain much traction due to lack of features and a high price

News and Rumors

The HTC One A9 will jump $100 after launch

If you’re looking to get the HTC One A9, you may not want to wait. The newest phone from the Taiwanese tech giant will be $399 at launch, a seemingly

News and Rumors

Facebook’s mobile app will now have a better notification tab

Facebook has announced that they will be updating the current notification tab for their mobile app. On top of your normal notifications, you will now see a more useful, personalized

News and Rumors

LG V10 can be ordered tomorrow on AT&T, followed by T-Mobile on Wednesday

LG has been gearing up for a substantial Fall launch. The V10 was announced about a month ago, aiming at a November release in the US. So the time has come to know when

Smartphone Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review: A change for the best?

Samsung completely revamped its entire Galaxy smartphone line this year, focusing on premium build materials. Its sales numbers have been dropping off in the recent past with the Galaxy line, especially in

News and Rumors

Big Clash of Clans update announced by Supercell

Yesterday was the first time Finnish developer Supercell hosted “ClashCon”, a gathering hosted in Helsinki based on all things “Clash of Clans”. Beginning at lunchtime, the event lasted until 21:00

Accessory Reviews

CHOETECH 19W dual-port USB solar charger (Review)

I live in sunny San Diego, CA. which is perfect for the CHOETECH 19W solar charger as sun is something we get year around. It was 83 degrees, with full

News and Rumors

Samsung ON5 and ON7 renders have arrived

Samsung continues to offer a wide range of Galaxy phones outside of its traditional Galaxy S and Note line. More and more leaks have appeared online of it’s upcoming On5

News and Rumors

Looks like Android users may be getting in on the new emoji action

Noticed any weird squares or random characters from your friends with Apple devices lately? It could be because of a recent update for iOS that has introduced 184 brand new emoji

News and Rumors

Spotify now works with the original Chromecast!

If you are like me and were disappointed that your first-generation Chromecast was not compatible with Spotify, the update we have been waiting for is here! Users on Reddit have

News and Rumors

Nexus 5X gets torn down, scores well on repairability

The Nexus 5X, one of Google’s latest pure-Android devices, got the teardown treatment from the folks at iFixIt, and it scored surprisingly well overall. The device can be disassembled with a

News and Rumors

Fairphone 2 to be world’s first modular smartphone

You may remember the Fairphone 2, which we showed you back in June. Today the company behind the device is announcing that it is ready for pre-order. The Fairphone 2 will officially


Kickass deals on smartphones, accessories, and more (October 23)

In the hunt for some new accessories for your smartphone? We’ve got some incredible promotions, deals, and coupon codes to share with you. Moreover, we’ve also got some great bargains

News and Rumors

Instagram launches Boomerang app with mini-videos

Instagram is all the rage these days. My 15 and 12 year old nieces can’t get enough of it and think Facebook is for “old people”. Instagram has introduced Boomerang,

News and Rumors

You can now pre-order the Blackberry PRIV

Starting today, Blackberry’s newest flagship phone is available to pre-order if you’re in the US, Canada or the UK. Pricing for the device for Canadians is $899 CDN, $699 in