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Earfun Air wireless earbuds review

The Earfun Air You provide listeners with a great fit, above-average battery life, and decent audio. Here's our review of the wireless earbuds.

V-Moda M-200 headphones review

V-Moda has a new entry into its headphone lineup with the M-200 studio series, meant for those wanting that pure neutral sound of the studio for mastering music or hearing what the artist did when they created the track.

MKC Tab Wallet review

It's rare these days that a piece of tech completely wows me with being original, but even rarer is that device isn't connected to...

GoCube review

The GoCube is a modern take on the popular Rubik's Cube puzzle as it pairs to your phone, challenges you to be a better player, and more.

Soundcore Spirit X2 review

Soundcore has another solid entry into the wireless earbud's market, the Spirit X2. If you're a workout junkie, you will love them. Here's our review.

TicPods 2 Pro wireless earbuds review

Mobvoi returns with a new generation of the TicPods wireless earbuds. How does the TicPods 2 Pro compare to the previous model and a crowded wireless market?

Spotlight Review: Ampere Full Circle

The Ampere Full Circle packs a 13,400mAh battery and features wireless charging, USB Type-C, and USB A output. Here's our look at the accessory.

5 great alternatives to Google’s Pixel Buds 2

Google has released the latest generation of Pixel Buds and seems very compelling. But what if you want some alternative choices? Try these five truly wireless earbuds.

Ultimate Ears 18+ CSX review: $1,500 Bluetooth earbuds?

Would you pay $1,500 for a pair of Bluetooth earphones? Check out our review of the Ultimate Ears 18+ CSX to find out why you absolutely should.

Anker has all your charging needs covered

Need new options to make sure you stay at full charge with your devices? Anker has some amazing new additions to its lineup.

Tronsmart Onyx Ace wireless earbuds review

The Tronsmart Onyx Ace wireless earbuds are a budget-minded alternative to bigger name brands yet still provide a quality experience. Here's our review.

myCharge Hub Turbo review

The myCharge Hub Turbo features built-in USB Type-C and Lightning cables, at least 6700mAh battery, and integrated charging prongs. Read our review.

Anker SoundCore Flare 2 speaker review

Anker's audio brand, SoundCore, is back with another speaker, a successor to last year's Flare. How does the $80 unit fare in our review?

Totallee Case review: Ultra thin protection and peace of mind for your phone

Looking for a thin case for your phone that doesn't add unnecessary bulk? Consider the selection at Totallee, a brand that specializes in that very thing.

Xcentz xWingMan 3 review

The Xcentz xWingman 3 is portable power bank with 15,000mAh worth of mobile juice that can charge up to three devices at once. And it's affordable, too.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Buds Live now available

Samsung on Wednesday introduced its newest wearable, the Galaxy Watch 3, and its next-generation of earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Live. Both are set to go...