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TLYT Energi Sliding Power case for Samsung Galaxy S6 review

For all the great things that come in the design of the Samsung Galaxy S6, one thing has proved to be bothersome for some users. Indeed, I’m talking about the

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Chromecast (2nd gen) review: a worthy upgrade?

I was part of the Google fans who were ecstatic when Google announced the original Chromecast. I mean, it was nothing revolutionary, but something that was genuinely missing. Especially as the

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1byone Wireless Bluetooth keyboard with an integrated touchpad (Review)

1byone does it again with another high quality product with the Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard which is designed to be used with all software such as Android, Windows and Linux. Considering

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UNIFUN Waterproof Rugged Battery for the active types (Review with discount code)

Another day, but not another battery pack. If you’ve ever ready one of my battery reviews in the past(thank you), this one is for the outdoor types who need to

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The light bulb that did it all: The 1byone wireless Bluetooth speaker RGB light bulb (Review)

When I was first shown this little unicorn of a product, from 1byone, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I mean, how much can a light bulb really

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Inateck Bluetooth Earphones review

When certain brands commercially take over a market space, it becomes easy for consumers to overlook underdogs who sometimes offer a better value. However, the cheaper option doesn’t always win out.

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Save yourself money and get CHOETECH’s fast Wireless charging pad (Review)

As more devices are sold with Qi wireless charging built-in, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6, S6 Edge and so on, the need for wireless charging grows. Wireless charging

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Get this Bluetooth adapter with Google Now integration

A few months ago I had the opportunity to review a Bluetooth car adapter and I left the review thinking that it was the best thing since sliced cheese. Mostly

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Samsung ‘Fast Charge’ Wireless Charging Pad review

Since the dawn of smartphones, one area has remained a pain point for moderate and heavy users. I’m talking, of course, about batteries. It seems that no matter how fast, big or powerful

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AudioFly AF33 in-ear headphones review

I recently got the opportunity to review AudioFly’s complete performance in-ear headphone collection. There are four headphones in this collection that each fit into a consumer’s budget. There is the

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Booq Boa Saddle Bag Review: Is the functionality worth the price?

While the Boa Saddle bag may cost a bit more than other options, you’ll have to consider what you’re getting. With the built-in Terralinq tracking…

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QUICK LOOK: Ventev portable power solutions

In the market for some new accessories to enhance your mobile experience? You’ve got a really sweet Android phone and now it’s time to add a few goodies. There are

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How beefy is the IntoCircuit Power Castle Power Bank?

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the IntoCircuit Power Castle Power Bank. This bad boy has a 26000mAh battery packed into it, and can literally charge…

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LG G4 dbrand skins review: Perfect fit

The good guys at dbrand were willing to send us a few skins to try out on the LG G4. It’s likely you’ve heard of dbrand before, but if you

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PureGear DualTek Pro case for Samsung Note5 review

Choosing smartphone case isn’t a simple task, as we have to sift through a sea of types and brands. Fortunately at AndroidGuys, we get the opportunity to get our hands on