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CHOETECH 19W dual-port USB solar charger (Review)

I live in sunny San Diego, CA. which is perfect for the CHOETECH 19W solar charger as sun is something we get year around. It was 83 degrees, with full

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Inateck MercuryBox: A decent Bluetooth speaker for a decent price

I love music, but I’m an audiophile with wine tastes on a beer budget. I’m always on the look out for audio equipment that provides a good value. When I ordered

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TLYT Energi Sliding Power case for Samsung Galaxy S6 review

For all the great things that come in the design of the Samsung Galaxy S6, one thing has proved to be bothersome for some users. Indeed, I’m talking about the

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Look at the weather in a beautiful way with Weather 360 (App Review)

Ever since the release of Google Now, I’ve pretty much done away with weather apps and widgets. Why download another app that uses resources when I can usually look in

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Use Tribeway to share your favorite moments in life (App Review)

With a plethora of social networks that are cropping up everyday, and those that have already found the graveyard, it’s a tough field to get into nowadays. In order to

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Avoid the wrath of Zeus with Sisyphus Job (App Review)

There are a slew of various “endless runners” available on the Play Store nowadays. Of course everyone knows about the popular ones like Temple Run, Sonic Dash, and Subway Surfers,

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Chromecast (2nd gen) review: a worthy upgrade?

I was part of the Google fans who were ecstatic when Google announced the original Chromecast. I mean, it was nothing revolutionary, but something that was genuinely missing. Especially as the

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Photo Noise Reducer Pro aims to make your photos look even sharper [App Review]

Cameras on smartphones have become much more robust in the past few years, and most everyday users take photos with their phone or tablet rather than carry around a bulky,

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Tangram is the perfect feature-packed browser [App Review]

There may be aplenty web browsers on the Play Store for everyone, but none seem to offer anything that stand out from the crowd. Tangram, however, is a browser dedicated

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reTXT: A messaging app for everything (App Review)

Pre-installed messaging apps are almost always the same, but sometimes we just want more. Luckily, you can now reTXT. Overview reTXT is a private messaging app which can be used for

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1byone Wireless Bluetooth keyboard with an integrated touchpad (Review)

1byone does it again with another high quality product with the Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard which is designed to be used with all software such as Android, Windows and Linux. Considering

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Seven Squares: a color matching puzzle game (App Review)

Color matching is a game that we have been playing before most of us can remember. It’s easy, right? Not with Seven Squares. This is a puzzle game that…

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Nexus 5X first impressions. The REAL flagship killer has just stood up.

I know it is too soon to say the Nexus 5X is the real flagship killer that the OnePlus 2 claims to be, but after two days of usage, the

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Nexus 6P first impressions (P is for Premium); the best phone of 2015

It is really difficult to tell how great a phone is at a press event. As a writer, we literally get a few hours max to spend with the newest

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FXGuru is here to spook your Halloween! [App Review]

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be interested in an app or two that can bring some fun into the day. Today, we’re taking a look at FXGuru,