Accessory Reviews

SOL REPUBLIC Shadow Wireless headphones review

hile the Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 function as my daily driver headset, I was pumped to get my hands on the Shadow Wireless earphones from Sol Republic. In short, they’re a

Accessory Reviews

You need this CHOETECH dual USB car charger(Quick Charge 2.0) [Accessory Review]

If you know you already want the CHOETECH fast car charger, and just want the discount code for a savings of 33% at, then use the code 88PKZDLL during checkout.  The


Explore Ancient Egypt with Pharoah Jump (App Review)

Are you the type of gamer who is looking for a game that kills time? Pharoah Jump was designed for you, but there are some serious drawbacks to this app.


(Quick Charge 2.0) CHOETECH 15600 mAh 2-Port USB Portable Charger (Review)

You’re probably thinking, another battery review. And you are right, we do a lot of portable battery charger reviews, because they are ever present in our expanding mobile world. This


Blocky Cars Online: a blocky good time (app review)

Imagine Minecraft. Add a dash of racing, a dash of combat, and viola, you have Blocky Cars Online. Blocky Cars Online overview The first thing you do in Blocky Cars


Coocheer 15W Solar Panel Charger review

If the latter sounds great but you’re suspicious of the effectiveness of such a device, let me introduce the Coocheer 15W Solar Panel Charger. I must mention that I’ve tried solar panel chargers before,

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Avoid the cats and collect the cherries with Bertie Bird (App Review)

Today we review Bertie Bird. A spin-off from Flappy Birds, but with a few more twists and turns to worry about other than just what you may be used to.

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Epic App Battles of Android Round 5: Spotify vs. Slacker

In the green corner, we have Spotify, founded in 2006 with 100 million downloads and an average user rating of 4.5 In the red corner, we have Slacker, founded in

App Reviews

Exercise your gray matter with Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles (app review)

As I previously mentioned in my review of the app Sum, our brains need to periodically be worked out. The Alzheimer’s Association says: Mental decline as you age appears to

App Reviews

Clever Volume Beta: Clever Music

As a tech savvy guy, I”m always on the lookout for something that makes my life easier, be it a life hack or a convenient app. Clever Volume Beta is

App Reviews

Roving Rovers Floating Launcher Roves around your screen (app review)

When Facebook debuted its chat head system with Facebook messenger in 2013 it was an instant hit. So much so, that when they axed SMS and MMS messaging from the

App Reviews

Statistexts (app review)

The average person sends over 3,000 text messages per month. That’s a lot of information being sent in a short amount of time. Whether you are letting your parents know

Hardware Reviews

ZTE Overture 2 review

And this is exactly the perspective that I took with the entry-level ZTE Overture 2.  ZTE is no stranger to value in the smartphone space, and the Overture 2 is no

Smartphone Reviews

LG G Flex 2 Review: Gimmick turned useful

When I first found I would be reviewing this device, it was more out of curiosity than any thoughts of the curve being useful. Yet, the more I used the


Defense of Greece TD: Worth it? [App Review]

Tower-defense games: love them or hate them, you’ve got to admit that they provide a lengthy challenge that can be played anywhere. First Games Interactive has created one based on