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Share your favorite TV and movie clips with Clippit (App Review)

We always are trying to share the best pictures, gifs, or video clips with our friends and family. When in a group chat amongst friends, there are times where you

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AnyGrip Universal Tablet Car Holder and Stand Review

You could have a go at Android Auto and get a full blown headunit in your car for that Android experience, but what about if your car isn’t supported, or

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CHOETECH Iron Stand wireless charger 3-coil charging pad (Review)

CHOETECH’s Iron Stand wireless charger is perfect for those of you who love wireless charging. Many new phones in 2015 are compatible with Qi wireless charging, but manufacturers have yet

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dbrand // Samsung Galaxy Note 5 skin review

No stranger to quality skins for your device, dbrand have done it once again with their Samsung Galaxy Note 5 skin in a variety of colors. They sent across their

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Moto Hint (updated version) Review

Motorola has been in the communications game for awhile. From radios to cell phones, there is probably no form of communication Motorola hasn’t delved into. This includes Bluetooth earpieces, which

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SportScore helps you stay ahead (App Review)

There are various apps out there to help you keep up with your favorite sport team, and today we’ll be looking at one app in particular, namely SportScore. Although the

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Nyrius Songo Portable Review

Despite society’s gripes about functionality, technology exists because we desire a simpler, easier existence. Nyrius aims to do that with their Songo Portable device, which turns an auxiliary into a

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Make cheap international calls with Roamer (app review)

This app isn’t one that everyone will use. Roamer is geared towards a very specific demographic, people that travel internationally and people who make international calls. It just so happens that I

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Nusiki: A new music social network that needs more optimization (app review)

Nusiki is a new music social network, with functionality similar to Facebook and Twitter. We’ve seen this before with the likes of and MySpace that have been around for

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EasyAcc DP100 Ultra Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker (review)

“To hear is to believe” EasyAcc provided me with the opportunity to review their Bluetooth 4.0 DP100 Ultra Portable speaker. “To hear is to believe” is a quote from their product

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iClever Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphones review

Let me start this review off by letting you know that I am not a huge fan of in-ear headphones. My ears are a little sensitive and the pressure that

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Keep your finances in check with the help of Quibu (App Review)

Managing your money can be a pain in the rear. Especially if you carry both cash and a debit or credit card. Obviously there are a slew of apps that

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Tronsmart’s trio of Quick Charge 2.0 chargers for all of your charging needs

With the passion and precision our singular focus here at Tronsmart, our Tech Geek team (designers) can spend months of research to better understand a new product. The process is

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Coocheer CH-080 Bluetooth speaker review

Coocheer is well-known for making great speakers, chargers, and headphones, and the CH-080 Bluetooth speaker is most definitely no exception. From its simple, matte design to its quality sound, the

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Don’t drink and drive: use the Floome Breathalyzer(review)

2045Tech recently provided me with a Floome breathalyzer to review as an alternative to doing blood alcohol content(BAC) levels based on height and weight. I jumped at the opportunity, because