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Fit in with Block Tile Puzzle (App Review)

Block Tile Puzzle is a great game for someone who loves nostalgic titles. It’s one of those click-and-play games that don’t require much and that can be played pretty much

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Satechi SX20 Portable Energy Station (20000mAh) Review

Last week, I found myself at the park, it was only ten o’clock in the morning and my cellphone was at 20 percent battery life. I was at a beautiful location

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inStream SeptimusB Premium 7-port charging station review

Many of us have multiple devices, and they all likely need to be charged at some point. Whether we have tablets, smartphones, smart watches, other wearables, or Bluetooth headphones, we

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EasyAcc 2nd. Gen Brilliant Power Bank (review)

With a 4.5 star rating on from almost 4k reviewers, I didn’t have much doubt that the EasyAcc 2nd generation power bank would let me down when I had

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CHOETECH Circle Qi wireless charger (review)

CHOETECH seriously makes quality accessories for your mobile devices. They recently sent me the Circle Qi wireless charger to review, in addition to the quick charger for my car, and

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TextSecure: a privacy-oriented, text messaging client (App review)

There is a vast selection of text messengers on Google Play. However, not all of them are as privacy-oriented as the one for today’s review. TextSecure is able to encrypt

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Moto Pulse: a wonderful wireless widget (Review)

Alliteration aside (see what I did there?), I had the opportunity to spend some time with the Moto Pulse wireless headset. And let me tell you, I now want to

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Zorloo Z:ero Digital Earphone review: Move over everyone!

Since earphones came out, they’ve constantly been increasing in quality, sound and price. Bluetooth earphones were the last milestone in the technology, and we haven’t seen much change since. But

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Cheats for Minecraft Pocket Edition (app review)

Cheats for Minecraft Pocket Edition isn’t what the title seems to indicate. It isn’t an app that allows cheats in Minecraft PE via the app. Instead, it’s the mobile app

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iClever foldable, portable, and chargeable Bluetooth keyboard (review)

I’ve never used a Bluetooth keyboard until the iClever Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard. Let me tell you that I was impressed. It reminded me allot of typing on my old Asus

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Perfect Bible for your child to explore, read, and interact with: Bible for Kids (App Review)

Keeping a child’s attention has always been a difficult task. Kids easily find things mundane and boring if they are not entertained. Their standards are much higher – when I

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Moshi Mythro earbuds review: great headphones at a bargain price

One accessory that will forever tied to smartphones are headphones or earbuds. It is one thing that allows us to listen to music on the go in a quality and

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Bounce along with Ball Climb (App Review)

Ball Climb is a great game for someone who simply doesn’t have time to play strenuous racing or zombie-killing games. You can play whenever, wherever thanks to the fact that

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Knee Kick Girl: an RPG with loose controls, a paywall, and a good soundtrack (App Review)

Before the start of this review, I must say that I played the game for about five hours and was not close to finishing it because of its paywall. Today,

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Dead Weapon: Zombie – a game as dead as its title

I should preface this review by letting you know that I enjoy zombie related media. The Walking Dead is one of my favorite TV shows. I enjoy games like Dead