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1byone Portable battery that can charge your phone or jump start your car (review)

Here at Androidguys, portable batteries are a dime a dozen. Most of us need extra juice from time to time as we rely on our smartphones for probably way too

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1byone portable stereo turntable (review)

With today’s technology we all have access to music pretty much anywhere we go, from our cars, computers, tablets and smartphones. With Google Play Music, Pandora, and the likes, we

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Review: Incipio Offgrid battery case for the Galaxy S6 and Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are absolutely beautiful phones but are lacking a good battery extra storage. The Incipio Offgrid is here to help.

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Is the Moto G 2015 the King of mid-range devices?

As the last week has proven, the majority of everyone cares more about those high-priced, powerful phones that dominate headlines for weeks. Not only do those devices dominate headlines, but

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Squeeze more juice from your battery with DU Battery Saver (app review)

Before reviewing this app, I have never used a battery saving app. In the early days of Android, I used task managers, but that eventually went to the wayside as

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Make it rain with Poop From The Roof (App Review)

Some of the games that get reviewed here are definitely unique and interesting, and today’s is no different. Today, we are taking a look at Poop From The Roof by

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LiveBoard: RealTime Whiteboard. (App review)

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, businesses are constantly on the hunt for professional productivity tools. The tools need to be feature driven, easy-to-use, and enable employees to work more efficiently. LiveBoard:RealTime

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My LG G4 impressions so far

I’ve had my G4 for just over 2 weeks now. That excitement of opening the box is unparalleled by most things in the world.  I have to admit that this

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No more unknown callers, solve contact sync with (App Review)

Overview Multiple email accounts, phone number changes, and the plethora of social media accounts to keep up with can become overwhelming. Since smartphones have become so important to our daily

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ZTE Spro2 (Verizon) review: A smart projector for your on-the-go lifestyle

ZTE ups the Spro line in all the right ways I’m sure most of us knew about portable projectors by now, most certainly if you’ve walked by a Brookstone store in

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Turbo Rush provides endless hours of fun

If there’s anything that should be on the list for an ideal game, internet connectivity (or the lack thereof) should certainly be on there. You can’t always have connection to

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Daily Calculator Free: a customizable calculator short on functionality (App Review)

For this review, we have Daily Calculator Free, a calculator with many whom have come before it and surely many whom will come after it. It has a lot of

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PureGear Galaxy S6 Edge case review

Design The Slim Shell case comes in two flavors.  One is completely clear and the other is clear but with a black rim.  A nice touch on the black rim

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Fallout Shelter: an overdue Android game that doesn’t disappoint (app review)

As an Android fanboy, I hate it when iOS gets an app that I want and Android gets left in the dark. That’s exactly what happened this year at E3

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Kill some time and have some fun with SwappyDots (App Review)

For as much time as I don’t have to waste, I still always look for fun games to kill time when I do have it. Mostly while smoking a cigarette