Kairoskopion weather app review


I just spent a few days with a new weather app called Kairoskopion.  I know, there are a ton of weather apps in the Play store, why should you try a new one?  Well, the new Kairoskopion weather app by Salad Dressing Industries is worth a look.  The people at Salad Dressing Industries have ...

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Droid Turbo review


Motorola Mobility has changed quite a bit over the past few years. From becoming a spin off of Motorola in 2011, being bought by Google some short months later, to being sold to Lenovo just this year. Amid it all, Motorola has remained one of the strongest players in the mobile industry by ...

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Samson Meteor M2 speakers review


Features for the M2 speakers include: Compact multimedia speaker system Sold as a stereo pair (one active speaker, one passive speaker) 2.5″ drivers Additional rear-ported passive radiators produce full-range audio Crystal clear high-end performance Exceptional bass response Side panel ...

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Review: PULSE LED Speaker by Sengled


Back when Thomas Edison invented light bulb, I am sure he never thought a day would come when people would be able to control lights remotely.  Like with the help of their smartphone. Oh, and also use those bulbs may some day be used as speakers! Growing up, even I never thought I will see ...

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Factor Monsters review: a fast-paced factoring game

Start Screen

There are numerous educational apps available that can teach you just about anything. However, most of them are either focused on young children or adults. This leaves middle school and high school students almost empty handed. The people over at Knowledge Platform noticed this gap and decided ...

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Have fun Cooking with SideChef


There’s an app for just about everything these days and teaching someone to cook is no different. SideChef is an app developed to help give a detailed way to cook a variety of dishes from Quick & Easy, to Main Entrees, and Desserts. Are you a vegetarian? No problem. Simply select the ...

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Half Alive: Zombies go home Android app Review

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 21.19.45

Everyone loves Zombies, right? Combine a Zombie with anything and it instantly becomes awesome. The same goes for Half Alive: Zombies go home, an addictive casual puzzle game developed by Rock-Inspired. The goal is simple – help the Zombies reach their homes, sounds easy right? The ...

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Griffin iTrip AUX Bluetooth review


As someone who doesn’t own a car with built-in Bluetooth, I am somewhat jealous of those who can get in and connect quickly and painlessly. But, with that said, I’ve been able to work around the problem with the last few cars I’ve owned. Be it a Bluetooth speakerphone with an ...

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Letter Way review

letter way

Letter Way is a word game that has a unique puzzle gameplay to it. You use the creation of words to open up letters on the board to make more words to open up more letters until all the letters have been opened. This makes for a dynamic and challenging gameplay experience. Gameplay The ...

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Mutation Mash review


Up for review today we have Mutation Mash, the latest game from Upopa Games. Touted as a “crazy hilarious puzzle game”, we’re to expect no less than 50 levels of game play. Is it crazy? Hectic, perhaps. Hilarious? Let’s draw the line at interesting. The idea is simple: ...

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Inateck BTSP-10 Plus Bluetooth speaker review


Not long ago I was able to review a fantastic Bluetooth speaker from Inateck called the BTSP-10.  I found that the BTSP-10 was a great little speaker, especially for the price.  Well, Inateck recently got in touch with me and asked if I would like to try an updated version of the BTSP-10.  It ...

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Droid Unlatch Reveiw


If you are like me and have multiple devices or are just not good at remembering passwords this is a must have app. Droid unlatch is the best solution for people who just can not remember their device password. Let’s face it security in a mobile world is becoming more and more important. ...

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HB7003 Portable 7-Port USB 3.0 HUB review


The HB7003 is our latest product review from the fantastic team over at Inateck. This time around they sent over a 7-port USB 3.0 hub that, like the previous items we have reviewed from them,  does not disappoint. If you are anything like me, you probably have a dozen items scattered around ...

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Inateck BK1003E keyboard review

61KQOE7prJL._SL1000_ (1)

Our good friends over at Inateck have just sent us one of their great new keyboards for review and I must say I am impressed. Keyboards are not something that most people think about when they are purchasing a smartphone or tablet and unless you spend a considerable amount of typing you are ...

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Morning Routine review

MorningRoutine3 (2)

Looking for a new alarm clock app? Specifically one with Material Design and amazing animations? Enter Morning Routine. Morning Routine aspires to be the alarm clock with the best animations and dethrone the current champ, Timely. The two apps look pretty different, with Morning Routine updated ...

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