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From helping to understand the difference between two phones to instructions on getting more from your devices, this section aims to educate. We cover everything from the most very basic stuff all the way up to more detailed and focused topics.

How to use Watch Party with Amazon Prime Video to stream videos together online

Follow this Watch Party guide to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows from Amazon's Prime Video library with up to 100 friends.

How to crossplay Arena of Valor on Mobile with other platforms

If you are looking to crossplay Arena of Valor on Mobile with your friends on other devices, follow this guide to get started right away!

Google One now includes a VPN; here’s how to use it

Google One is a great app for managing your Google accounts and storage, but did you know it now has a VPN? Here's how to set it up and use it.

How to cross play Legends of Runeterra with other platforms

Legends of Runeterra is a brand new CCG from Riot Games, available on Android, iOS and Windows. Here's how to cross play with your friends using this guide

How to use Watch Party on Hulu to stream videos together online

Here we'll look at how to start a Watch Party on Hulu so that you can watch your favorite television shows and movies with others.

How to crossplay Brawalhalla on Mobile with other platforms

If you are looking to crossplay Brawlhalla on mobile with friends on other platforms, follow these simple steps and you'll be brawling in no time!

How to crossplay Hearthstone on Mobile with other platforms

If you are looking for a guide on how to play Hearthstone with your friends, this guide will walk you through the steps on making that happen!

How to crossplay Fortnite on mobile with other platforms

With the immense popularity of the free-to-play Battle Royale, find out how to crossplay Fortnite on Mobile with other platforms and join your friends!

How to stream Netflix at the highest quality on your Mac computer

Have a Mac computer? Here's how you can get the highest resolution possible for streaming Netflix. Follow our simple steps and enjoy clearer content!

How to get the best quality when streaming Netflix on a Chromebook

We all want the best streaming quality when binge-watching our favorite shows, check out our guide on how you can maximize your video quality while using a Chromebook.

Mous case: Get the iPhone 12’s magnetic charging and accessories on your Android phone

If the iPhone 12 event left you envious of the new magnetic charging and accessories, then check how you can add this same feature to your Android phone with Mous cases.

How to sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Here's how to sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to get started playing Xbox games on your Android devices.

How to get the best quality from Netflix on a Windows computer

Netflix is the undisputed streaming king, but did you know you may not be getting true 4K or HDR when streaming on your Windows PC?

How to change your wallpaper on Android 10 in a few easy steps

Changing your wallpaper on an Android 10 device is pretty simple stuff, if you know what you're doing. Here are a few ways to go about doing it.

Google Home can now manage Google Nest Wi-Fi – Here’s how to do it

Google has decided to consolidate Google Wi-Fi management into its Google Home app. Here's how to make the transition and manage your account.

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