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T-Mobile adds more than 1 million new customers for eighth straight quarter

T-Mobile on Tuesday announced a net gain of 1.8 million new customers for Q1 2015. As it turns out, this is the eighth straight quarter for T-Mobile to have added at least one million customers. As for the churn rate, which is the percentage of customers leaving T-Mobile’s service during the same period, it was a mere 1.3 percent. According to the

News and Rumors

T-Mobile confirms LG Stylo and LG Leon LTE for spring

Today is an exciting day for LG fans, as the LG G4 has been officially unveiled earlier today. Along with this announcement came news from T-Mobile regarding the LG G4’s availability later this Spring, which also confirmed that LG is releasing a new phablet dubbed the LG Stylo, and the budget-conscious LG Leon LTE. The LG Stylo seems to be

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Spec Showdown: LG G4 versus LG G3

LG on Tuesday introduced the latest iteration of its flagship Android smartphone, announcing the G4. Slated to arrive in the coming weeks, the phone looks very much like its predecessors on the outside. But, on the inside, however, things are considerably different. Indeed, LG balances both revolution and evolution for this next-gen model and pushes forward with the specs. Here’s a quick breakdown of how the

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