Simplifying widgets with DashClock Widget (Monday Makeover)

here is a plethora of apps out there that allow you to customize just about every single thing on your android smartphone without even rooting. That is why we have started the weekly series “Monday Makeover.” Each week we will take one of these customization apps and talk about setting it up, discuss the features of it, and show you

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Meet Fonkraft, the world’s first crowdsourced modular smartphone

The Fonkraft Earlier today, Fonkraft Technologies revealed information via its Indiegogo campaign of the world’s first crowdsourced modular smartphone, the Fonkraft. Here is a YouTube video about the device. The front of the device’s chassis has a 5-inch display, which is slideable once a mechanism is activated. With the screen off, pins and mountings for the phone are exposed. This

News and Rumors

App of the Day: TapDeck

TapDeck is a wallpaper app that takes a different approach than that of similar apps in that it allows you to change the wallpaper with a simple click. So instead of having to launch the app itself to have to search and select a wallpaper, all you have to do is double tap and the wallpaper will change automatically. This

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