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Virgin Mobile’s latest move lets customers stream music without affecting data

Virgin Mobile USA has revealed a new feature for its prepaid plans which lets customers stream music without having it impact the data plan. Dubbed “data-free” streaming, it allows for unlimited access Pandora,

News and Rumors

Barnes & Noble debut Samsung Galaxy Tab E NOOK

Barnes & Noble and Samsung on Wednesday announced the latest in a collaborative electronic book reader effort. Specifically, the pair

App Reviews

ES File Explorer: Access files, view images, play music, and more (App review)

We take a look at ES File Explorer, one of the most popular file explorers. With the app, you can access and analyze files, play music, and much more.

News and Rumors

TYLT’s Energi Charging Station charges all your devices at home or on the go

TYLT, makers of popular products like the TYLT Vu and Energi+ backpack are launching a new product that aims to

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(Deal) Fly away with the SKEYE Pico Drone for only $34.99

If big things come in small packages, the SKEYE Pico Drone is a titan. At first glance, most will fawn

Accessory Reviews

GoGroove RCV Bluetooth Receiver review: Bring your wired setup into the wireless world

GoGroove produces a multitude of accessories that nicely complement your smartphone experience. One of these that caught my eye was the RCV Bluetooth Receiver. You see, the wireless world is a