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Amazon Prime Now: Skip the trip, one hour delivery (app and service review)

Amazon.com recently became the world’s largest retailer in 2015, surpassing the mighty Walmart and has established themselves by offering great prices, quick and reliable shipping, with other free services as

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Amazon reveals it’s starting Black Friday a week early

As Thanksgiving approaches Americans look forward to not only eating turkey, cranberries, stuffing and mashed potatoes, but also look forward to one of the best shopping days of the year,

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Install Google Play Services on Amazon’s new Fire Tablets without Root access

So for those of you out there who weren’t aware, when you purchase an Amazon Fire tablet, you can’t install just any app that you see fit. In fact, you

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Get Amazon Prime for $67 for today only!

In honor of winning five Emmy awards for their hit show, Transparent, Amazon is giving new Prime customers a great deal. Normally priced at $99, you can now sign up for

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Amazon India leaks full details of the LG Nexus 5X

It looks like someone at Amazon India is a little trigger happy. Three pages detailing all of the details for the new Nexus from LG went live this morning and

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(Deal) Prepare for the Amazon Web Services exams for only $19

Learning to develop applications or web pages, is very popular nowadays. That’s why you often see a lot of deals here at AndroidGuys that have something to do with learning

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Amazon announces seven new devices for Fire tablet, Fire TV portfolio

Amazon, as it is often wont to do this time of year, has announced new models in its Fire lineup of tablets and TV products. For 2015 Amazon has expanded

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The Amazon Fire Phone is officially off the shelves

The end is finally here for Amazon’s push into the mobile phone market with the Fire Phone. The device has officially been cleared from Amazon’s shelves.

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Best Buy now selling the Nexus 6 for $350

Last week we saw Amazon drop the price of the Motorola Nexus 6 to $350. This makes sense as they’re probably trying to clear stock before the new Nexus is

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Amazon may be gearing up for the holidays with a sub-$50 tablet

When it comes to Amazon releasing their own devices, it has been an up-hill battle. With the exception of the Echo and Kindle E-Readers, Amazon has yet to really find

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Grab the Nexus 6 from Amazon today for as low as $349

Rumors are swirling and reports are rolling in regards to when the next Nexus device(s) will be released. In the mean time, the current Nexus 6 has seen some price

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Amazon Video is first online subscription streaming video service to offer offline playback

The battle that is subscription-based online video streaming gets more interesting today as Amazon Video announces an industry first. Available as part of recently updated service and mobile apps, Amazon

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Amazon to lay off engineers involved in Fire Phone development

Apparently, Amazon has finally come to the conclusion that although the website¬†remains very popular, and their products are in demand, the Fire Phone wasn’t really that great an idea. The

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Get over $10,000 worth of free apps from Amazon Underground

Everybody loves free apps. Unfortunately, there aren’t THAT many opportunities to catch app giveaways via the Play Store. But we have always had the Amazon App Store to thank for

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Hurry and enter for your chance to win a 50-inch 4K TV and streaming device

Man oh man. Some of the things that we can giveaway, is just awesome. Last week, AndroidGuys had the Double Nexus giveaway, and today, we have something even better. If