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Nexus 6P to debut in four colors, report suggests

Google will launch the Huawei-made Nexus 6P smartphone in four colors, according to a new report from Android Police. Allegedly, the handset will come in black, white, silver, and, gold. It’s

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Amazon India leaks full details of the LG Nexus 5X

It looks like someone at Amazon India is a little trigger happy. Three pages detailing all of the details for the new Nexus from LG went live this morning and

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Gmail receiving ability to Block or Unsubscribe pesky emails

Google is going to be adding two new features in Gmail, aimed specifically at making it easier to avoid the constant unwanted clutter in your inbox.  In the past, we’ve seen

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Chromecast Audio to WiFi-enable your speakers, codenamed “Hendrix”

A few days ago we got a glimpse at what the new Chromecast will offer.  It is expected to drop at Google’s Sept. 29th event, along with the highly-anticipated pair of

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Google will reportedly launch new phones as Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

There have been plenty of leaks of the new Huawei and LG manufactured Nexus devices and now we seemingly have a solid name to put towards the leaks. According to

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2nd gen Chromecast launch imminent, new design and features in tow

It’s been over 2 years since the original Chromecast debuted (yeah, time flies).  And while the little streamer that could is still working fine for the lot of us, that doesn’t

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Last Chance: Enter for your chance to win a Nexus 6 AND Nexus 9

All the deals that we’ve been featuring here at AndroidGuys, have required you to make some type of purchase. Not today. Today’s “Deal” is a giveaway, where you can enter

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Android 6.0 bug fixes: Download and install the latest Google Play Store 5.9.12 APK

The Google Play Store has just received a version bump, bringing it to version 5.9.12 and gets devices ready for the impending launch of Android 6.0 by building on the previous

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Google takes cat videos to the next level

Let’s face it. The internet loves cats. If you don’t believe me, Google search cat videos. Even in the early days, the internet was rife with cat GIFs and memes. Nowhere

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Hurry: HTC Nexus 9 one day sale for as low as $240

HTC is having a one day sale on the Google Nexus 9 today and will end on Sept. 15th at 11:59PST. You can pick up the 16GB WiFi model for

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Rumor: Google to offer extended warranties for Nexus devices?

Insurance for your phones can be a challenge. Carriers offer insurance, but at at around $10 a month, plus a deductible when you make a claim. This can add up

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Android Pay has officially launched!

After months of anticipation, Android Pay is finally here! Although, really, it’s been around for awhile, just dubbed Google Wallet (before Apple Pay was even a thing…). Jokes aside, Android Pay

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Hangouts updated to get ready for Android Marshmallow release

In the last few weeks we have seen more and more evidence of Google laying the ground-work for the upcoming release of Android Marshmallow. In the lead up to their

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What are Google Now Cards? How to tailor them to your needs.

In this post, I’ll show you how to customize Google Now cards. But first, what is Google Now? The service essentially is a personal assistant. With it, you can get notifications

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Get prepared for Android 6.0: Download and install the latest Google Play Store 5.9.11 APK

The Google Play Store has just received a version bump, bringing it to version 5.9.11 and gets devices ready for the impending launch of Android 6.0, as well as bringing with it