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Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android file recovery software (Review)

It is very easy to accidentally delete or lose precious files on your Android smartphone. Whether you accidentally delete a picture, text message, vCards and more, Wondershare Dr. Fone for

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Check if your Android device is vulnerable with this new tool – VTS for Android

When it comes to mobile security, this year has been somewhat of a dilemma for Android users. The big scare is the security hole Stagefright, where all it took to install

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How to backup, edit and share your most precious moments with Google Photos

One of my favorite Google apps is Photos. It is a free app with free unlimited storage, which automatically differentiates it from its nearest competitors in Dropbox and iCloud. It

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Three big reasons you’ll want the new Google Play App

Google typically updates their Play Store several times each month, most of them being small and bringing little new features. As it’s turned out, however, Google has been hard at

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Google to offer app discounts to Play Music subscribers?

If you’re a fan of Google’s Play Music service, you may be in for a treat. Reddit user Thomas79 pointed out that when he purchased an app, he received what

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Android Pay: What is it and how to use it

Just a couple of months ago Google rolled out Android Pay which is a simple and secure way to make payments in a store and within apps. It really did

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Pre-order the OnePlus X now at Gearbest.com

OnePlus has been shaking up the smartphone market and has just released its OnePlus X which looks to add to their success. For the incredibly affordable price of $250, you

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Looking to buy something unique and support the little guy? Check out Etsy.com

With the holiday season ready to kick into high gear, we are all going to be bombarded with advertisements as it is the time for the giving and receiving of

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review: A change for the best?

Samsung completely revamped its entire Galaxy smartphone line this year, focusing on premium build materials. Its sales numbers have been dropping off in the recent past with the Galaxy line, especially in

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Spotify now works with the original Chromecast!

If you are like me and were disappointed that your first-generation Chromecast was not compatible with Spotify, the update we have been waiting for is here! Users on Reddit have

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Fairphone 2 to be world’s first modular smartphone

You may remember the Fairphone 2, which we showed you back in June. Today the company behind the device is announcing that it is ready for pre-order. The Fairphone 2 will officially

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Chromecast (2nd gen) review: a worthy upgrade?

I was part of the Google fans who were ecstatic when Google announced the original Chromecast. I mean, it was nothing revolutionary, but something that was genuinely missing. Especially as the

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Huawei is selling the Nexus 6P direct while Google waitlists new customers, financing available too

Have you been following the Google Nexus 6P news lately? The hype is over as reviews from across the internet are mostly raving about the Huawei built Nexus 6P. Many sites

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Grab these two Android Marshmallow wallpapers to celebrate its release

When new versions of software, or new devices are released, there are often new wallpapers that accompany the devices. Sometimes the OEM will explain where the inspiration for a specific