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Three weeks later: Pokemon Go friends, gifts, and trading

Niantic changes the game by introducing Pokemon Go trading, friends, and gift features. Here's what you need to know about the new mechanics and options.

Motorola, Amazon, and Instagram (Podcast #15)

In this episode we discuss major features coming to Pokemon Go. Listen in as Scott and Andrew tackle Android Messages, Datally, YouTube Premium, and more.

YouTube Premium, Pokemon Go, and Datally (Podcast #14)

In this episode we discuss major features coming to Pokemon Go. Listen in as Scott and Andrew tackle Android Messages, Datally, YouTube Premium, and more.

Shiny Shellder! Shiny Kyogre! Pokémon GO Water Festival 2018 runs through June 21

Pokemon GO Water Festival is currently going on. Until 21 you will be able to catch Water-types more easily and get more Stardust for doing so.

Pokémon GO Legendary Week starts today with some added bonuses

Niantic has announced that the popular Pokemon Go Legendary Week is back and begins today and will run through until March 5. The long-anticipated event...

Next major Pokémon Go update to include 50 new Pokemon, dynamic weather effects

Pokémon Go fans rejoice! Niantic just announced it will be adding 50 new Pokémon to your favorite game, as well as dynamic weather effects...

Pokémon Go developer, Niantic announces it’s working on a new Harry Potter AR game

Since its debut in 2016, Pokémon Go has become one the most successful mobile games of all times. But what what can we expect...

Pokemon Go gets new Ghost types, double candy, and other treats for Halloween

Niantic today announced that Pokemon Go will soon give players a number of new Pokemon as part of a nearly two week promotion. Moreover, the...

Unleash your creativity to enter Niantic’s Pokémon Go AR photo contest

Do you love playing Pokémon everywhere you go? Then you’ll be thrilled to know that Niantic just launched a fun Pokémon Go AR Contest...

Niantic wants to help you celebrate the Equinox, announces Double Stardust Pokemon Go event

Niantic wants to help Pokemon Go enthusiasts celebrate the upcoming Equinox, so it is offering players the option to earn some extra goodies soon. So...

Pokémon GO celebrates first year of existence with Solstice in-game event, big update

If you’re a fan of Pokémon GO then you probably know the game’s one year anniversary is coming up. And in order to celebrate...

Pokémon Go developer tipped to be working on Ingress wearable

Pokémon Go Plus wearable launched back and September and stocks were depleted in a few seconds. The device allows users to catch Pokémons without...

Pokémon/Starbucks partnership turns over 7,800 coffee shops into PokéStops

Love to play Pokémon GO and you’re also a big fan of Starbucks’ yummy coffee? Then you’ll be thrilled to know that the Pokémon...

Pokemon Go’s new tracker now available in all of US and parts of Europe

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has been teasing a update to the oft maligned "Poketracker" feature of the popular app. Niantic has finally pushed the...

Catch, hatch, evolve! Pokémon GO arrives for Android devices

If you're a child of the 90's and early 2000's chances are pretty good that you've spent some time with a Pokémon game or two....


What is a YouTube Signature Device and what phones are certified?

If YouTube Signature Device is a new term for you then you're not alone. Check out what it's all about and what devices are supported.

T-Mobile gets personal with customer support and teams up with Pandora

T-Mobile announced its Team of Experts today along with new partnerships with Live Nation and Pandora.

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