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Tronsmart Titan 10A/90W 5-port USB charger charging station: review

Being a mobile enthusiast is a fun hobby. I find technology vital to staying connected while it helps me be efficient and on task. With that comes the need to

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Get the XIAOMI Mi4C Android Lollipop smartphone for just $250

Do you know who the world’s fifth largest smartphone manufacturer is? You would probably guess LG, Motorola, or HTC but you’re very wrong. Xiaomi is the fifth largest smartphone manufacturer

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Your next new Android phone will probably have a remote kill switch

Remote kill switches are coming. They’re controversial due to worries that someone else can disable your phone, but they’re being lauded for their hand in lowering the crime rate. Criminals

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Qualcomm to boost Bluetooth audio quality with new aptX HD codec

Let’s face it. While Bluetooth audio streaming is a neat convenience, even expensive solutions are inferior in terms of audio quality to their wired counterparts. It isn’t the engineering that is

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What does Huawei’s new charging technology mean for the future of the cell phones?

One of our biggest pet peeves about today’s phones is that they die too quickly. While battery capacity has risen over the past few years, so has power sucking hardware

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Samsung to partner with Qualcomm again for Galaxy S7 chipset

When Samsung left Qualcomm behind this year in favor for its house-made Exynos chipset, the move could’ve been seen as the nail in the coffin for the relationship. Fortunately, it

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Qualcomm announces the Snapdragon 430 and 617 to the mid-range lineup

Qualcomm Incorporated announced two new chips today to their mid-range lineup and they sure do look like real performers. The Snapdragon 430 and Snapdragon 617 offer major upgrades in both

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Snapdragon 820 processor has 2x performance and 2x power efficiency

Qualcomm announced today that their newest processor the Snapdragon 820 would feature their newest CPU Kryo. Kryo is Qualcomm’s first custom designed 64-bit quad-core CPU (Central Processing Unit). The 820

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor to offer malware protection

Qualcomm on Monday announced its next-gen Snapdragon 820 mobile processor will offer anti-malware tools designed to keep users from the various threats that invariably pop up. Called “Smart Protect”, it’s billed as

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Qualcomm gives budget-conscious processors a boost

While smartphone enthusiasts are waiting for Qualcomm to drop the beastly Snapdragon 820 flagship processor, those with more humble aspirations (and lighter wallets) may be more interested in how budget

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Snapdragon 820 specs leak ahead of launch

Pan Jiutang, Chinese analyst, spilt the beans on the supposed specs of Snapdragon 820. Announced on Weibo, some of the specs include 14nm construction, a new Adreno 530 GPU and

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What is the SoC?, Clock speeds [Android 501]

Welcome to the School of Android 501. Here, we will cover hardware related topics to help readers understand the components that go into smartphones and other mobile tech. Android phones are

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Qualcomm to collaborate with Samsung on Snapdragon 820

When Samsung’s Galaxy S6 debuted with their home-brewed Exynos processor, the industry was taken aback.  Up to that point, it was usual that Samsung pack their flagship with the latest

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Qualcomm pushing faster image capture with hybrid auto focus

In the current day and age where we don’t like to miss a beat, it is important for many of us to be able to quickly whip out our phones

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LG G4 Pro specifications spill out early

Well, it looks like the Korea tech giant is ready to launch an upgraded version of LG G4. Rumors are flowing around that LG is all set to bring LG G4 Pro..