How to add a boarding pass to Google Pay

Google Pay is ever-evolving to add support for more options to your digital wallet. Here's how to add your next boarding pass.

Rollova: Digital ruler measure works by rolling across objects

The Rollova 2.0 is a pocket-friendly ruler that measures curves, lines, and a variety of surfaces that is compatible with major units of length.

Modern romance online

The modern incarnation of romance is very different than what society has used in the past. With the new technology that exists, people are...

Redmi K30i: 5G and 120Hz display for less than $300

The Redmi K30i offers 5G and a high refresh rate display for a quarter of the cost of its competitors. Making it one of the better value phones.

Redmi 10X phones offer dual-SIM 5G support at an entry-level price

The Redmi 10X series launched earlier today, but they offer a 5G experience that you're not going to find with any other 5G phone out there.

Visible offers free Nimble Charging Bundle with new Samsung or Google Device

Visible is a subsidiary of Verizon that offers unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data on Verizon's network for just $40 a month. The...

Fitbit Charge 4 review

Fitbit has been producing fitness trackers for over a decade, with its products consistently considered as some of the best in its space.In March,...

T-Mobile joins Google in expanding RCS to work with other carriers

Rich Communications Service(RCS), is a messaging protocol for Android users that enables read receipts, typing notifications, the ability to share higher-resolution photos and videos...

This endoscopic Android camera sees into hard-to-reach places

Want to figure out what's clogging a drain or peer inside a tight space? This 2-meter long, waterproof boroscope camera goes where you cannot.