Nokia returns to Verizon with Nokia 3 V

Nokia makes its formal return to Verizon's tier-one service with the debut of the 3 V, a budget-friendly Android phone with a big screen.

Snag this U-Drive DVR dash cam for just $19.99 right now

The U-Drive: DVR Dash Cam records full-colored 1280 x 720 high-resolution videos up to 30 frames per second and has a 100 degree angle lens that sees all.

Casio debuts PRO TREK with heart rate monitor

The latest addition to the company's outdoor enthusiast line of wearables in the WSD-F21HR. It's the first Casio Pro Trek with a heart rate monitor.

How to save big on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and even get a...

How does a free gift card worth hundreds of dollars sound? Better yet, how about a free Samsung Galaxy Note 10? Here's how to get in on that action!

Meet Arcadia Power, the company that wants to give you clean energy (Promoted)

Arcadia Power connects you to less expensive clean energy plans — and you get peace of mind knowing you’re doing something positive for the environment.

US Mobile Buyer’s Guide

US Mobile is an MVNO that utilizes T-Mobile and Verizon networks, and provides granular control over talk, text, and data allotments and speeds.

This crash course on Google Analytics is just $14

The Google Analytics certification will prep you to ace the free exam in as little as two days of study, giving you a bargaining chip for your next job.



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