Proscenic A9 Air Purifier Review

Noise level
The Proscenic A9 Air Purifier is a smart way to keep the air fresh in your house. It can purify rooms of up to 968 ft² in size and filters 99.97% of airborne particles, including dust, smoke, pollen, and more.

With so many of us spending more time at home lately, we’re all looking to make our living and workspaces more comfortable and hygienic. One of the ways we can accomplish this is by ensuring we are breathing the freshest air. Fortunately, our friends over at Proscenic make an air purifier and they agreed to send us one out for review.


The first thing I noticed about the Proscenic A9 Smart Air Purifier is the size. It stands at nearly 21 inches tall and is a little over 10 inches wide. It’s really quite large, but the A9 isn’t meant for small rooms. Due to its dimensions, the A9 Smart Air Purifier can purify a room up to 968ft squared.

Besides being able to handle large rooms, another benefit of the A9’s size is how quiet it is. By using a large fan, it can move more air without needing to increase the speed of the blades and become noisy.

The A9 is practically silent while running on auto, even quieter than the fan in my laptop. Don’t let that fool you into thinking the A9 can’t move some air when it needs to though. When manually increasing the power to the max level, it sounds more like a typical floor standing fan.

Beyond the size, what truly stands out on the A9 Smart Air Purifier is the LED screen on the front. The screen allows you to quickly and easily see the quality of your air. First, with a color system–green for excellent, yellow for good, orange for lightly polluted, and red for heavily polluted air.

Of course, you can also disable the display if you don’t want to see the glowing lights, and check these readings with the Proscenic app.

The way the A9 detects the particles in the air is by using an infrared sensor. It’s difficult to know how accurate this is, but from my own experience, I did see it react a few times while I was cooking and the house got a little smokey.

This usually happened when I was pan-frying some chicken and I’d see a little smoke in the air. The display on the A9 would reflect this by changing colors to orange or sometimes red with a reading of 100 or more and I’d hear the fan rev up as it kicked into action. I must admit, that really impressed me and gave me more faith in the A9 and its capabilities.

User experience

Setting up the A9 was quick and simple. Just make sure you remove the plastic bag around the filter on the inside, and then it only takes a couple of steps to get it connected to your WiFi and the app. Fair warning, there was an unpleasant chemical smell at first but it dissipates over a few hours.

The A9 offers several different modes it can run in, such as auto, manual, and you can even set it to a quieter sleep mode that turns off the lights or put it on a timer. Additionally, there is a child lock if you want to prevent the little ones from accidentally changing the settings.

While the Proscenic A9 Smart Air Purifier includes buttons on the top to operate it, my favorite way of taking control was by using the app. If opening the app is a little too old-fashioned for you, then it also has built-in support for Alexa and Google Assistant.

However, you’re limited to powering it on or turning it off using voice commands. For that reason, I prefer the app which allows me to check on the status of the air quality, set timers, disable/enable the display, put it into sleep mode, and more.

What does it filter?

The A9 Smart Air Purifier uses a four-stage filter, including a primary filter, a silver ion sterilization filter, H13 HEPA filter, and a granular activated carbon filter. With all of these combined, Proscenic says the A9 is capable of filtering out hair, human and pet dander, reduces residual ozone in the air, and collects dust while killing bacteria.

When you’re looking to replace the filter then Proscenic has several different options for you ranging from $49.00 to $69.00 in price.

Final thoughts

In the end, the Proscenic A9 Smart Air Purifier checks a lot of boxes for me. It’s quiet, it uses a HEPA filter, it has an easy-to-use app, and the display shows the number of particles in the air. There was only one downside to the A9, and that’s the size.

The A9 has a bit of a commanding presence in your home, and if your room is on the smaller side, you may want to look into Proscenic’s more compact A8 model. Other than that, the A9 Air Purifier makes a great addition to your smart home, and currently, you can purchase one for about $180 on Amazon.

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