Android Q to be formally known as Android 10

Android gets a new logo and naming convention ahead of the Pixel 4

Android Q will be known as Android 10 when it makes its official debut in the coming weeks, says Google in a new blog post. Moreover, the official logo will undergo some changes, too.

The previous naming convention for Android saw Google going with internal code names for each version, often basing them on sweets, treats, and desserts. That changes with the Android Q release which will be simply known as Android 10.

Why the change? A number of reasons, really. In some areas of the world it is difficult to distinguish an L from an R. Moreover, newer users might now know that Lollipop comes after KitKat.

By switching to version numbers it will be easier to identify how current a release is and/or whether it’s newer than another build.

In addition to the naming change, Google is also refreshing the logo for Android. Today sees the logo undergoing a more modern and accessible design. The familiar robot is now included as part of the logo. Additionally, the name itself switches from green to black.

The updated logo will show up in the coming weeks as Android 10 makes its official debut.

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