Welcome to the first edition of iOS Interruptions. Anker was nice enough to be our first partner with this new review series. The company sent me over several new devices, but today we’ll be covering the MagGo 613 car charger.

**Editorial Note: This is an ongoing series we like to call iOS Interruptions. Here the AndroidGuys team will cover new products revolving around the Apple ecosystem.**


As with many MagSafe compatible devices, the MagGo 613 looks more like a mount than a traditional charger. And that’s because it is. With the magnetic connection, it essentially is both a charger and mount combination.

The business end of the MagGo 613 is a round, magnetic disk with a soft-touch coating. The disk pivots and then can be locked into place with a ball-and-socket mechanism that can be tightened once you find the correct orientation.

To the bottom of the MagGo disk is a cord that is then hidden in the arm and base of the unit leading to the USB-C power port. The base has great suction and adhesive combination on the very bottom. This allows for an awesome secure setup once you have it in the location you prefer in your automobile.

If you have a material that might give you trouble, Anker also includes a 3M mounting disk that can act as a smooth adapter for the mount. I personally, didn’t need this in my car, but it’s a nice touch to have this included.

The last thing in the box is the car charger adapter and cable. This works with a traditional cigarette lighter port in your vehicle. Anker also made sure your passenger has power too, as the adapter includes both a USB-C and USB-A output.


I have to say one of my favorite parts of the current iOS ecosystem is the MagSafe accessories. The MagGo 613 fits right into this market and doesn’t disappoint. Let’s start with the magnet itself.

The first-party magnet from Apple’s MagSafe is nice, the Anker MagGo 613 takes it up a notch. The strength of the connection is noticeably stronger. I’m sure this is intentional with the functionality meant to be in a moving car and is a welcome feature.

The Anker MagGo 613 is not just for mounting, however. It’s also to help keep your iPhone charged while commuting. Anker doesn’t miss the mark here either. With the included car charging adapter, you get a max of 7.5-Watts of induction power.

As previously mentioned, the disk and the arm of the mount can be adjusted to get the most ideal charging positioning. The arm allows for up to 134-degrees which makes it easy to find that sweet spot in your car. The disk then swivels on the ball joint to create the angle you need for your phone to sit.

Speaking of the disk, Anker even considered a night road trip and considered that lighting might be an issue when using the MagGo 613. The inside ring of the charger has an ambient LED to help illuminate the area to make sure you can successfully charge regardless of the time of the day.


I’ve had zero issues or complaints while using the Anker MagGo 613 car charger. If this is the standard for third-party MagSafe accessories, then I’m sold. This has been the perfect solution to combine charging and mounting the iPhone in my vehicle.

The last thing to consider is cost. The Anker MagGo 613 is $80 retail. If you are in the market for something like this that’s MagSafe compatible, then hit the links below to snag this great charger from Anker.

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