It’s been over a year since Google closed the financials to take ownership of Fitbit. Since then the two companies have been taking baby steps in integrations like Google Assistant. With the launch of three new wearables, Fitbit brings that marriage one step closer while keeping the same fitness roots we all love.

Inspire 3

At the bottom of the new lineup is the Inspire 3. At $100, the new entry-level Fitbit is a great wearable to gain access to the latest Fitbit features without breaking the bank. The thinnest and lightest design of the new Fitbits also boasts an impressive battery life of up to 10 days.

But that doesn’t mean it lacks in features. You still get to track key metrics 24/7 like activity, heart rate, sleep, stress, and more. Inspire 3 can capture all your movement, automatically tracking Active Zone Minutes, calories burned, distance, heart rate, and steps.

Being active is not the only need the Fitbit Inspire 3 has covered. Sleep modes are also onboard to make sure you recharge your internal battery. you’ll get insights into your sleep quality with Sleep Stages and Sleep Score, and can then try things like setting a bedtime reminder, a Smart Wake alarm, or guided breathing on your wrist to help improve your sleep over time.

You can pre-order your Fitbit Inspire 3 now for $100 with availability in retailers and shipments in September.

Versa 4

Next up in the lineup is the Versa 4. This has been a staple of the Fitbit lineup over the last few years and the general design hasn’t changed much. It also incorporates all of the features found in the Inspire 3. It does bring back the physical button that was removed with many critiques last year.

With the larger screen, the Fitbit Versa 4 adds a more traditional smartwatch user experience that revolves around fitness. You can track your daily readiness score to see all your day-to-day stats that help determine if you should work out or maybe focus on recovery.

You will also get an Activity Zone Minutes to set as a goal. With over 40 workouts to choose from and log into the app, Fitbit has you covered with the perfect companion in the Versa 4. This includes new options for HIIT, CrossFit, and snowboarding. Onboard GPS can be activated while on walks, taking a run, or using maps.

Heart rate tracking is back as well to always make sure you are in a healthy range. The Fitbit Versa will actively scan to check for signs of irregular rhythms like atrial fibrillation. If this happens, you will get a notification to seek medical attention.

Fitbit estimates that you should get up to six days of battery life on the Versa 4 and you can get a full day’s worth of charge back with quick charge in around 12 minutes. Pricing for the Versa 4 starts at $230 and includes a Premium membership for the first six months.

Sense 2

Rounding out the new lineup is the Fitbit Sense 2. The new top-tier device encompasses all the great options of its siblings and ups the technology even further. The biggest addition is stress management with Body Response.

This new suite of monitoring focuses on your heart rate, heart rate variability, and skin temperature to better understand your body when under stress. A Check-in button will then help you walk through management sequences like breathing to build resilience over time.

Health metrics are also heavily featured and include the Sleep Profile and Afib detention of the Versa 4, but the Sense 2 adds a SpO2 oxygen sensor to take the monitoring a step further. This will log metrics into the Fitbit app to give you a better idea of your daily oxygen levels and trends.

Battery life is rated to be similar to the six full days on the Sense 2. The fast charge can regain you that same full day’s endurance with just 12 minutes on the charger. Pricing for the new Fitbit Sense 2 starts at $300.

You can pre-order either the Versa 4 or the Sense 2 from with shipments and global retailers coming in the fall.

Google Goodness

The new dynamics with Google and Fitbit started with adding Google Assistant. This year the Versa 4 and Sense 2 will also be able to access to Google Wallet. This is great news for Android users that found Fitbit pay to lack many banking options. No more struggling to not set up a payment method only getting an error that your financial institute isn’t supported. If you have your card already set up on Google Wallet you will soon be able to have it on your Fitbit watch as well.

You will soon be able to use on-wrist navigation with Google Maps with ease on your new Fitbit. Having this functionality is a must for those that travel frequently or even take long runs. This is another welcome addition to the Fitbit ecosystem making it a compelling option over something like Garmin or even Android Wear.

Fashionable as Ever

Rounding out Fitbit’s announcement is a partnership for designer watch bands for the Versa 4 and Sense 2 from the team at Brother Vellies. This includes multiple options for 24mm bands as well as a custom charging cable for the Versa 4. These premium options should raise the bar for those looking for a more fashion-focused watch band for $55 in woven leather black or oak.

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