Google Chrome has introduced Memory Saver and Energy Saver modes that users can manage and control in order to make Chrome use up to 30 percent less memory. The new settings will allow your device to run smoothly, while extending battery life.

Memory Saver mode

Google is rolling out the Memory Saver mode for those that open too many tabs while working. The mode will prioritize the tabs the user is always using, and free memory from the tabs not in use. Google says this will mean that your device will use less memory, while offering faster browsing experience for users.

Energy Saver mode

Many people always open too many tabs whether they’re using Chrome on their smartphones or laptops. That’s understandable because many people have a lot to do in the space of a short time. The new update will have users stop worrying about unnecessary usage of battery power.

The new update is purported to come to Windows, macOS and ChromeOS desktop users with the release of Chrome 108.

Users will see “Energy Saver is on. Background activity and some visual effects like smooth scrolling may be limited.” The user has a choice between clicking “Ok” to keep it working that way or to turn it off.

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If you click “Ok”, it means you’re letting Energy saver mode run on Google Chrome.

Laptop users may have Chrome go to Energy Saver mode automatically once battery power lowers to 20 percent. This saves or prolongs battery life on that device. All background activities or most of them will become limited. Other visual effects for websites like animations or videos will be limited.

How to recognize the Energy Saver mode

Once the update is live, there’ll be a leaf icon on the top right hand corner of your browser where you often see the three dash lines. That will be the area where toggle the mode on or off. You don’t need to switch it on once your device gets to 20 percent on battery power.

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