Google’s latest Chrome update aims to keep you on track when you are interrupted and to help you find the settings you need faster and easier. There are three new features in this update. Two of them are for all Chrome desktop users. The third one brings new Chrome widgets to Android. Let’s dive in and see what Google has cooked up for us.

Stay on track with Journeys

Getting interrupted while doing research or browsing the web is an everyday part of life. It can be as simple as your kids needing you or you forgot to run an errand. Whatever the reason for the interruption, it’s not always easy to resume once you get back to your browser.

With Journeys, Google is looking to make resuming a little easier for you. Journeys is a feature that will allow you to revisit past searches grouped by topic.

When you type in a related word into your search bar, you will now see a “Resume your research” button. Alternatively, you can find your Journeys information on your Chrome History Journeys page.

Journeys will list all relevant sites that you visited and allow you to quickly pick up where you left off. It will even try to put the most relevant information front and center.

You will be able to turn off Journeys, delete sites, or clear specific groups. Journeys is rolling out to desktop Chrome browsers for all operating systems.

Actions from your address bar

Google is rolling out more Chrome Actions to allow you to quickly access settings by typing them into the search bar. This time-saving feature will attempt to predict when a user can benefit from a Chrome Action and will display the option.

Some new Actions are manage settings, customize Chrome, view your Chrome history, manage accessibility settings, share this tab, and play the Chrome Dino game.

Currently available for desktop, it will roll out to mobile soon.

Chrome widgets for Android

Google is bringing new Chrome widgets to Android with this latest Chrome update. You will be able to start a text search, voice search, Lens search, or open an incognito tab from your home screen.

This feature is rolling out to Android users now and can be accessed by long-pressing the Chrome icon and selecting “widgets”.

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