How does GamStop differ from other Android blocking tools

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GamStop, together with the UK Gambling Commission, looks after the interests of vulnerable gamblers. The organization also makes resources available to these gamblers when it is required.

The UKGC is tasked with regulating the gambling industry in the United Kingdom. Therefore, operators who wish to obtain a license with the regulatory body will have to sign up with GamStop. This makes it possible for GamStop to assist gamblers who reach out to them for assistance. Confined to the UK, GamStop is only able to assist on casinos and sites within the country and is not able to place restrictions outside the UK. Fortunately, there are other similar platforms which do not have these confinements.

GamStop Main Features

The organisation will require the player seeking assistance to register first. Once all the person’s required information has been included, the gambler has some options from which to make their selection. The organisation allows individuals to sign up for their self-exclusion program. Once all their information has been included in the system, the organisation proceeds to exclude gamblers from all their casino platforms. Whether it’s membership at a land-based casino or online, the player will be excluded from them all within 24 hours.

GamStop is a non-profit organisation that provides services free of charge. Since problematic and addictive gambling requires treatment and support, the organisation also provides information for the gambler. The site has qualified and specialised service providers who would be equipped to give the necessary support services. The organisation can assist gamblers also find specialised and professional financial, emotional and family support.

GamStop Works Only in the UK 

GamStop is a nationally run program affiliated with the UK Gambling Commission. Its activities are restricted only to platforms licensed and regulated by UKGC. They are not able to place restrictions on platforms not registered with UKGC, land-based or online casinos outside of the UK. So, players in the UK are able to play at casino sites not registered with GamStop if the operator holds another license.

Completely Free Compared to Other Android Blockers

GamStop is operated by a non-profit organisation, and any funding it receives is through the UKGC. This ensures it can provide its services without any charges and is also able to make its information for support accessible to all who need it. Because of this, those seeking assistance need not fear any hidden costs.

No Need To Install Additional Software

It is an easy-to-use, web-based service that does not require any additional software installation. With its main features, GamStop makes it easy for individuals to manage their gambling activities without additional software. This makes it easier for people with gambling problems to take action and protect themselves from further harm.

Gambling Blockers Features

GamStop is not the only organisation available online that can block gambling activities on behalf of the gambler. Some popular names available for Android are Betfilter, GamBan, GamBlocker and Betblocker. They all have their unique ways of achieving the same objective.

Like GamStop, Betblocker also lets users choose the duration of their self-exclusion period after being installed on a device. Once the gaming control app has been installed on all gadgets, the individual can select anything from 24 hours to five years. The self-exclusion will be applicable through both UK and international sites. The best feature for a parent is the parental control option that is made available.

Gamban will charge you a fine for either cooling off or self-excluding yourself from gambling activities. Able to install on Android, the app will place the selected restrictions as set by the individual. All sites, UK and international, including non-GamStop, will be restricted.

Work as a Software  

Like a good antivirus, the software installed on the mobile or computer is indiscriminative in restricting online gambling sites. Both UK and international sites are restricted, and it is only possible to make changes at the end of the selected restriction. Though with Gamban this will remain unless the subscription lapses.

Work Worldwide 

One disadvantage with GamStop had been its inability to place restrictions on international casino sites. As such, there has been a market for vulnerable players to access these sites as long as they were non-GamStop. The alternatives take care of this through their software.

Need To Pay

Not all gambling blockers are free. Like Gamban, they might require a monthly subscription fee to continue providing a service. Through the software, they can restrict multiple sites simultaneously so that not even new accounts can be opened through your devices.

Final Verdict 

Statistics show that there has been a rise in people who exhibit problematic gambling. There are numerous testimonials to be found online told by people who have gone through the darkest side of problematic and addictive gambling. With an industry that grows year o year into the billions, there is little possibility that there will be a drop in the number of problem gamblers.

Casinos have seen the highest rise in problematic gamblers. It is with programs like GamStop or other gambling blockers that individuals have a chance at finding solutions to their addictions. They can provide their services, allowing gamblers to take a secure road to recovery.

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