Probably you are one of those students who prefer carrying assignments home. Improving the speed of your home internet can help you to complete your homework faster. 

Some internet service providers support customers by boosting the internet speed, while others have suspended the data caps for broadband. Rather than relying on your internet service providers, there are other things you can do to increase the speed and be able to complete your assignments faster. Let’s dig deeper into this. 

Invest in a Wi-Fi extender

Investing in a repeater or Wi-Fi extender can help you to improve the router settings. You can connect this device to a wall socket and link it to wireless internet for further extension. 

Wi-Fi extenders are easy to use, simple to set up, and can eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones in your house. The extended wireless signals may not be as strong compared to those coming directly from your router. However, you need to pay attention to positioning. 

Use these devices to connect gadgets that don’t require a large amount of bandwidth. To get a speedy connection fast, ensure that the maximum supported standard matches one of your routers. 

Create a password for your Wi-Fi

 A Wi-Fi password can keep the hackers away. It can also prevent your neighbors from accessing your internet without authorization, which can slow you down. AES encryption is recommended because it offers a speed-friendly security option and it is the most secure. 

Sometimes you may not identify at a glance what is slowing down your home internet. This does not have to stop you from proceeding with your assignments. You can get some professional help as you take the time to fix your mess. 

Homework help for students with bad Wi-Fi at home

If your Wi-Fi is bad, you don’t have to worry about completing your homework. You can find help with college homework from Edubirdie. The essay writing site EduBirdie offers thesis and dissertation writing services to students who cannot do the work due to slow internet. They understand what college students go through when trying to meet the deadlines to submit their assignments. They have invested in modern technology to speed up the internet and ensure faster completion of work. 

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Upgrade your router

Routers vary in price and functionality. Your upgrade should be focused on how far your Wi-Fi can reach. If you have a big house, you may need a router that can be linked to “repeaters” that can reach every part of the house. A mesh network is a good option where you use multiple router nodes around the house. For an apartment or a smaller house, you need a simpler system altogether.

Once you upgrade your router, test it and see whether there is a difference in speed. One good way to test it is by practicing essay writing and comparing the performance with what you had previously. 

Embrace Ethernet

Wireless connections are convenient to use but sometimes they are not as fast. Ethernet is more reliable, has lower latency, and is faster than Wi-Fi. The Ethernet cable sends the signals to your device directly instead of depending on over-the-air transmissions. 

Use an Ethernet cable to connect your preferred devices to the internet. You can connect your desktop, laptop TV, or PlayStation to the cable. Cable connections are good if you like watching data-heavy media such as videos. 

Consider data caps

Data caps can significantly contribute to slow internet. Internet service providers never promote data caps but these can mess up your connection. A data cap is where you can use a specific amount of data each month. Exceeding data limits prompts your ISP to restrict your internet speed.

Find out of you have a data cap by checking your bill. You may notice that it has been outlined clearly in the fine print. If you exceed your data cap for a few consecutive months, you can negotiate with your service provider for a higher limit. Data caps depend on the volume of data you access regularly. If your work entails a lot of video watching, you need to get higher data limits. 


If you have the necessary writing skills but your internet speed is slow, you may not be able to meet your academic goals. Your tutors are interested not only in the quality of work but also in timely submission. Before investing in any kind of upgrades to boost your internet speed, talk to an expert. By following the above guidelines, you will enjoy the benefits of internet speed and reliability as you do your homework.

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