Screen mirroring, or casting of your mobile phone, to the bigger screen of your PC is a niche market, but it’s one that iMyFone is trying to tackle. It’s a unique situation, but having your phone projected onto a bigger monitor can be a good tool.

What is iMyFone MirrorTo?

The iMyFone MirrorTo Android screen sharing tool is a dedicated PC app that links your phone and computer. Your phone screen and its contents are then mirrored onto your PC monitor. Taking a sub-7″ device and enlarging it to your laptop or PC monitor makes a huge difference. Whether you want play mobile games on a PC or just looking at photos on a TV, MirrorTo duplicates that output on the larger display.

How’s it work?

You need just a few steps to get iMyFone MirrorTo working. First, you need the program download from iMyFone’s website:

If you haven’t installed a Windows application before, then where have you been hiding? Those that have will be familiar with the installation wizard to walk you through the .exe implementation on your PC.

Once installed, MirrorTo will instruct you to plug in your Android device via USB. The application scans to see if it has the settings to provide the connection automatically. Most likely, you will have to tweak the first requirement of having USB-debugging enabled on your Android phone or tablet. The wizard easily walks you through this process in the Android OS Settings and you should then be good to go forward.

The second setting you may have to change is also suggested if needed. For my Pixel 6, USB connections default to simply charging only. To get iMyFone MirrorTo to “see” your phone, you may have to tap the persistent notification in the shade drop-down. Here you need to change the connection type to PTP or MTP to work properly.

Does it suit this need?

Absolutely. iMyFone MirrorTo performs exactly as described when in daily use. When you need that Android app but on a larger screen like your computer monitor, this desktop solution has you covered. But why would I need this?

iMyFone features a few usage cases I’d thought of and a few I hadn’t. MirrorTo would be a great tool while live streaming on YouTube or video conferencing. You can “share” your screen and then also have your Android device available to those watching as well. Think about what it might be like to live stream TikTok on PC. It’s a lot easier to gather around the computer monitor than to crowd a phone when laughing at memes and recipes.

Teaching is another case I hadn’t thought about. I could easily see this being used in a classroom as an extension of a visual demonstration to the students. Maybe it’s just using it as a simple note projection or working out complex algebra, but this MirrorTo could offer a solution.

Go get MirrorTo

MirrorTo can be downloaded for free from the iMyFone website for free. This gives you a limited, but useless toolkit at no cost. If you’d like to unlock the full pro version, the upgrade will cost you a minimum of $3.33 per month if you pay a year in advance. There’s also a quarterly option for $8.31 per month or $9.95 if you’d rather go month to month.

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