cliq_smWe’ve waited long enough to see it so let’s cut right to the chase. Here’s what Motorola has done with Android! It’s beautiful and bound to have a mass market appeal.

MOTOBLUR integrates all of your contacts in one place – be it phone numbers, email addresses, MySpace, twitter, or Facebook.

Motorola has created a “Happenings” widget that ties together your friends’ tweets, status updates, photos and more. All on the desktop, with no need to open an app. Check out the latest song your friends listened to using Last. FM!  As they put it, this is more about getting the message and not so much how they said it.

Wanna update your status? Type it out and then pick how/where you post it! You can pick which of the big three social networking clients gets your update. Choose any one or all three. Take a picture and upload to those services as well as Picasa and Photobucket.

When you receive an incoming call, you get the name, latest profile pic, status and more!

MOTOBLUR is always updating and backing up your info in the clouds. Anywhere you go with it, you have the same connection. This will be especially interesting as MOTOBLUR moves into other devices down the road. Speaking of which, Sanjay Jha said to expect multiples of tens of devices running it over the coming months.

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    • I disagree. The only way that this is exciting is if it's somehow better than what we aclready have. Has anyone seen word yet on what the processor is? If it's the same as the G1 processor, then it's literally more of the same. I like my G1, but I'm not going to buy a new phone just for a new software interface that I'm sure will be ported to the G1 anyway.

  1. It's defo one of the best looking Android there…. certainly the best qwerty Android.

    But with mostly G1 hardware (processor!), it better be dirt cheap. Looking forward to the Sholes…

  2. This is it?? Are you kiddnig me? What a let down! Now if December could come quicker! I am putting all my bets into the Sony Ericsson Android phone!

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