The Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers a convenient and efficient solution for maintaining clean floors without the hassle of manual labor.

With its advanced features and intelligent design, this robot vacuum cleaner takes care of your cleaning needs while you focus on other tasks. Whether you have a busy lifestyle, limited mobility, or simply want to simplify your cleaning routine, the Lefant M210 Pro is tailored to meet your needs.

The Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers up a fairly sleek and compact design that effortlessly navigates through various surfaces. In a space crowded black and grey robot vacuum cleaners, the Champagne Grey is a breath of fresh air.

Its low-profile construction allows it to glide seamlessly under furniture, reaching hard-to-reach areas where dirt and dust tend to accumulate. Rising just 77mm, it gets under chairs and couches without effort with the brush pulling debris in from the front right edge. The modern and minimalistic aesthetic blends well with any home decor, making it a stylish addition to your house or office.

Standout Features

Intelligent Navigation: Equipped with advanced navigation technology, the Lefant M210 Pro intelligently maps and navigates your home. It utilizes infrared sensors and anti-drop sensors to avoid obstacles, stairs, and other potential hazards.

Powerful Suction and Brush System: The M210 Pro features a powerful suction (2200pa) and a multi-surface brush system that effectively captures dirt, dust, and pet hair from carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles. It employs a pair of rubber brushes and wheels to adapt to different floor types, providing optimal cleaning performance. And you get a second pair in the box, too.

Smart Control and App Connectivity: Control your robot vacuum cleaner effortlessly through your smartphone. The Lefant app enables you to schedule cleaning sessions, customize cleaning modes, and monitor cleaning progress remotely. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can also control the M210 Pro using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Multiple Cleaning Modes: The M210 Pro offers various cleaning modes to cater to different cleaning needs. Whether you prefer spot cleaning, edge cleaning, or a comprehensive whole-house clean, the Lefant unit delivers. It can also automatically adjust its suction power based on the surface it’s cleaning, optimizing cleaning efficiency and conserving battery life.

Intelligent Charging and Resumption: The M210 Pro is equipped with an intelligent charging system that automatically returns to its charging dock when the battery is low. According to Lefant, you’ll get about two hours of usage on hardwood floors before it needs charged up. Should it need to split up its cycle, it will head back to the base, juice up, and resume cleaning from where it left off.

The Lefant M210 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an ideal choice for individuals seeking a hassle-free cleaning solution. It caters to busy professionals, families, and anyone looking to simplify their cleaning routine.

The robot vacuum’s intelligent navigation, powerful suction, and customizable cleaning modes ensure a thorough clean without requiring manual intervention. Additionally, for those with limited mobility or physical disabilities, the M210 Pro provides a convenient way to maintain clean floors without exerting physical effort.

The Lefant M210 Pro is as quiet as a ninja in the night, with noise levels as low as 50dB. No more disturbances or grumpy pets when you’re trying to get things spick and span.

Thanks to its user-friendly app and voice assistant compatibility, you can effortlessly command the vacuum to spruce up your living space while you kick back and relax.

With its powerful suction, smart control capabilities, and silent operation, it’s like having a cleaning sidekick that saves you time and effort.

You can learn more about Lefant and its products at the manufacturer’s website but to purchase the M210 Pro you’ll need to head to Amazon. As of today you can pick one up for about $110. Alternatively, you can also find it at AliExpress for roughly the same price.

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