Smart home security company Ring is off to a big start for 2019 as it introduces a rather sizable number of products. Among other things, the brand is launching a camera that fits inside of traditional door peepholes.

Door View Cam

The Door View Cam, as it’s called, looks like traditional Ring video doorbells but mounts on a door through the peephole. And, instead of using wires and screws, it places a camera on the outside with display on the other side. Moreover, it will feed the image to the Ring app and tie into any other connected home displays. Unique to the Door View Cam, the device can alert users when someone knocks on the door.

Pricing is expected to be $199 for the Door View Cam, however a release date has not been formally announced.

Smart Lighting

Ring is casting a wider net for the new year, launching a handful of products under a new Smart Lighting line. At the start it features eight integrated products including battery-powered, motion-sensing landscape lights and spotlights, a motion sensing floodlight, and more.

The goal is to provide lighting and peace of mind in places where a camera might not work or be feasible to install. Having something that can work together with other security cameras and sensors gives consumers a more well-rounded smart experience even outside of the home.


  • Ring Floodlight Wired ($69.99) – AC-powered, motion-activated smart light that mounts to a pre-existing electrical box and shines 2000 lumens on high-traffic areas around the home.
  • Ring Bridge ($49.99) – Integrates all Ring Smart Lighting, Doorbells, and Cams – when one Ring Bridge-enabled device detects motion, it can activate all Ring devices, giving the Ring of Security endless combinations.


  • Ring Transformer ($99.99) – Low-voltage transformer that replaces older transformers to unlock smart controls for your pre-existing landscape lighting. Simply link the Ring Transformer and Ring Bridge to all pre-existing low-voltage landscape lights to turn on the lights, adjust their brightness, create light patterns, and more, right from the Ring app.


  • Ring Spotlight ($39.99) – Motion-activated, wire-free smart light that can be installed almost anywhere around the home, including above a garage, shed or porch.
    Ring Pathlight ($29.99) – Motion-activated smart light that is installed along walkways, driveways and other high-traffic areas.
  • Ring Floodlight Battery ($49.99) – Wire-free, motion-activated smart light perfect for illuminating the driveway, yard, and walkways that features a combined 600 lumens and adjustable mounts and settings.
  • Ring Steplight ($17.99) – Motion-activated hands-free safety light that can illuminate stairs, decks and porches for brightened security where you need it most.
  • Ring Motion Sensor ($24.99) – Connects to your Ring Smart Lighting, Doorbells, and Cams to activate lights and video streaming whenever motion is detected.

The Smart Lighting family is available for preorder today at and expects to ship in early March. Once shipping, Ring Smart Lighting will find its way to other retailers, both in the US and abroad. What’s more, other products are anticipated later including some which are solar powered.

Ring Alarm

Ring has expanded its Alarm system with a handful of new sensors, including a flood and freeze sensor, a smoke and CO listener, a dome siren, and a smoke/CO alarm.

Also, Ring has widened its smart lock integration with Ring Alarm. Users will be able to do more with the integration. For example, when a smart lock is locked, it can trigger the Alarm to arm itself.

Additionally, Ring Alarm and Ring Doorbells and Cams can now communicate with one another. Say, for instance, when the Alarm sounds, it will trigger all Ring cameras to begin recording, even if they do not detect motion.

  • Smoke & CO Listener ($35): This sensor connects to your Ring Alarm Base Station and sends alerts to your mobile device whenever your existing smoke or CO detectors are triggered.
  • Flood & Freeze Sensor ($35): This sensor, placed near any water source in the home, connects to your Ring Alarm Base Station and sends an alert to your mobile device when water or freezing temperatures are detected.
  • Dome Siren ($30): This siren connects to your Ring Alarm Base Station and sounds off and flashes a light whenever a security event occurs, so you are alerted of an alarm event no matter where you are in the home.
  • First Alert Z-Wave Smoke/CO Alarm ($40): This alarm connects to your Ring Alarm Base Station and notifies you on your mobile device if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.
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