Looking for a way to spice up messaging and photos with a friend or family member? You may want to check out the Lovebox.

A digital device that connects to your Wi-Fi, the Lovebox is a wooden box with a removable top lid. On its front is a red pixelated heart that spins in an axis. How it works is simple – when you see the heart spinning you take the lid off the top and “peer into” it where a display shows a message, drawing, or photo.

The Lovebox is the sort of keepsake accessory that your significant other might put on a nightstand. It’s a cute and unique way of sending a message to let them know you are thinking of them.

Setting up the Lovebox is a pain-free experience that more or less boils down to pairing it to a Wi-Fi network. Once done, it creates an eight-digit code that others can enter into a phone, setting up a direct line of communication. You can share the code with everyone in the house, meaning your spouse and children can send you messages.

As for the types of messages, there’s a number of ways to go. You can choose from a photo from your camera or gallery, a pre-made image, a handmade drawing, a pixelated 8-bit graphic, and other customizable templates.

Lovebox Features

  • Send love notes, drawings, and photos
  • Connects via Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
  • 2-year warranty
  • Schedule your message
  • Get reminders to send messages
  • Save all your love notes on the app

After you send your message to the Lovebox it will begin spinning the red heart on the front. If and when the message is read, the recipient can spin the heart to send a “waterfall” of hearts back to the sender.

The Lovebox is not just for couples. It’s the sort of thing you might give grandparents to occasionally send photos and messages as an alternative to a digital picture frame.

Walking into a room, you can see the heart spinning which lets you know that someone close to you was thinking about you. Likewise, you can also simply spin the heart to send hearts to the person on the other end even if no message was received.

Also cool, you can schedule messages to be sent on specific days and times. This is a clever way to make sure you don’t forget people on their birthday or for a special occasion.

Priced about $150, the Lovebox isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s unique and cute enough to garner consideration. If you know someone who appreciates sentimental things, greeting cards, keepsakes, or personalized gifts, the Lovebox is great way to go.

While I’ve been using this for my wife, our son’s girlfriend has expressed to us more than a few times that she would love one for her bedside. And when my wife was out of town for an extended weekend, she was quick to tell me that she missed having it as part of her day. Pretty much everyone who has seen the Lovebox in our home, or heard about, has indicated that they’d be interested in picking one up.

You can learn more about the Lovebox at its website where it’s available to purchase. From time to time you’ll find a discount available, especially if buying more than one.

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